Errol Street News 2016 Twilight Fete Special Issue

11 April 2016

Message from Sally

The Fabulous 2016 Country Comes to the City Fete
Of all the Friday nights so far in 2016 I’d say our fete night was the wettest!
It did not dampen the enthusiasm or lessen the money that was happily handed over for a full night of frivolity and family fun.
We were all saddened to see the band move twice to attempt to avoid the drips before having to pull the pin!
The laughter and silliness that ensued due to the positioning of hay bales, that fell apart and were thrown around will never be repeated nor erased from the first-aiders memories!
The food was incredible. Fairy floss was much in demand with a  45 minutes wait for this sugary treat. Who could have imagined that on a cold, March night that we would sell out of snow cones and, the sausages I understand!
My most sincere thanks goes to the Fete Committee who tirelessly smiled their way through another ‘express’ Fete and supported the school community on their shoulders in such a positivity and encouragement; it was a FABULOUS FETE  that we will not forget!

Hay Start 1



Give us Your Thoughts About the 2016 Fete

This is our 2016 Fete Survey.

It is 10 questions and takes 10 minutes. 

It is suitable for students, parents, teachers and the general community. 

Please take a moment to give us some feedback about the fete! 


Twiilight Fete Survey Monkey

As always, you can contact the Parents & Friends (and Fete) Committee on :

Monies Raised

From the office there is the steady hum of coins being counted, dollars tallied and bills being paid.

We need to wait a tiny bit more to get the final profit figure, however, rest assured, a record has been set!

Stay tuned to the next newsletter or tiqbiz announcement.

The Amazing NMPS Community Behind the Twilight Fete

The Fete Sub-Committee, Parents & Friends Committee wish extend our thanks to these groups and individuals who made the 2016 Twilight Fete extraordinary.

All parents & carers

  • For ‘doing your bit’ on the stall rosters (many of you went above and beyond!)
  • For donating generously to class hampers (which contributed to silent auction hampers; the Easter raffle and stall and activity prizes)
  • For helping in the preparation and set up for your class activity.
  • For helping your children take part in running the activities and stalls.
  • For being incredibly generous with your time and money.
  • And despite the crazy weather, staying and enjoying our Twilight Fete!!

NMPS teachers & staff

  • In the lead up weeks, out teachers incorporated the fete into the student’s curriculum…  
  • Thanks for working so very hard on the day and way beyond their hours, into the night.  This has enabled our children to gain in so many ways.  They learned from their experience of design, running, financing, advertising and manning the activities. 
  • Thanks teachers for having great team work, terrific inventiveness, supportive attitudes, and for being professional and enthusiastic.

Parent & Teacher Leaders

  • Each year level had a parent and a teacher who took responsibility for the management of the stalls.  In the weeks leading up to the fete, and during the day itself and way into the night, they oversaw the activities.  This group managed over 20 stalls and activities which were the backbone of the fete.  Well done to you all for taking on so many extra tasks and stepping into leadership roles.  This group are the quiet backbone, the workhorses and the ‘do-ers’ behind the fete!!

Our big thanks to:

  • Prep leaders: Eleanor Bassett, Jane Leighton and Aiden Langford. 
  • Yr 1 leaders: Tyson Smith, Alice Bleuer and Charlotte Clarke
  • Yr 2 leaders: John Giles, Kimalee Fernandes, Jane Shannon and Nina Grose
  • Yr 3 leaders: Katie Kilner and Leah Heiss
  • Yr 4 leaders: Anna-Marie Low, Mandy Coulson and Penelope Cotterill
  • Yr 5 leaders: Cat Coley and Lisa Carlton
  • Yr 6 leaders: Luke Ryan, Tom McCormick and Meg Moorhouse
  • Specialist leaders: Nerinda Rocke and Kristina Forbes

School Office Team

  • Our staff in the school office including: Sandra, Jean, Sally, and specialists, and many others who had to deal with pre-purchasing, queries, working bees, lost children, invoices, photocopying and many many extra jobs on top of their ‘normal’ work.  Fetes are a big disruption to our school and we acknowledge the extra efforts you all made.

Maintenance & Cleaning staff

  • Rob & Mustapha & the cleaning crew – who are still recovering!  Thanks from us for being such an important part of the fete – often unseen and unacknowledged in their efforts, but we appreciate you.

Finance Team

  • Jean, Anne & Leon – who dealt with payments, reinbursements, orders and invoices, as well as stayed till 10pm to count money!

Publicity, Maps, Rosters & Flyer Design

  • We have some very talented graphic designers and promoters – and particularly want to thank Neale & Shareen for producing the most wonderful, creative, attractive and memorable flyers, banners, maps, guides, certificates etc etc.  And also thanks to Nadia and Will who quoted, sourced, informed and created signage and other promotional material.  Big thanks to the ever present Robyn and her newsletters, webpage and TiqBiz updates. Massive effort by Gen who oversaw the on-line rosters and produced many newsletters.  Well done comms/publicity/design team!!

SAKG staff

  • Thank you to Jo, Megan & Sam – our SAKGP staff, who started work on this before Christmas last year, and produced such a lot of food, produce and plants out of our own garden, kitchen and importantly WITH OUR OWN STUDENTS.  The Plant stall was magnificent with seedlings and succulents grown by the kids, and the Grade 6 food stall, with burritos/tacos, and seasoned corn on the cob, prepared, cooked and served by our children was amazing. 

Set Up, Pack Up & Saturday Clean Up Crews

Phew, you did the ‘grunt’, took up the messy, tiring jobs, took time off work and turned up when we needed you! 

Thanks to:

  • The Cake Stall preparation team including Christine, Leanne and many helpers
  • The Recycled Shed preparation and tidy up team (which took days and days!) -Jane & Nina et al.
  • The muscles - Michael, Andrew & Will – for strength, and stamina on Thursday and Friday shifting the stage, marquees, trestles, chairs etc
  • The hay carters – Vicki, Michael, Rob and Will – for moving the bales IN and Lou, Rachael & Ewan – for moving the mulched straw OUT (Nth Melb Sustainability Street community garden & some lucky cows thank us!)
  • The massive Friday set up crew – who rescued marqees that took flight at recess, bagged sand, ran out chairs and tables, stuck up signs, laminated maps, tidied donations, and worked independently, creatively and positively through rain squalls, cyclonic gusts of wind and often chaos, kids and lots of instructions and panic!! You know how hard you all worked, how tricky it was, how many plans got changed and what it means to work as a team with a terrific attitude!  Thank you too everyone who gave up a day to get the fete prepared.
  • The Saturday ‘picnic’ crew on tidy up – namely the dozen dedicated, tired but committed and caring peeps who shoveled and raked sand back to sand pits, straw into bags, collapsed boxes, stacked books, packed marquees and moved tables.  I can’t name everyone but you have our thanks.  It was a whopping big job done with good humour.

Marquee lenders

  • Thanks to our fundraising, NMPS now owns 8 marquees, however we also borrowed another 10 or so – thank you for trusting us with your marquees!  Special thanks to Kristina, Lisa and Doug; Doone; Caroline, St Mary’s Kinder, Footscray City School and Rob for organising this.

Preserve Team

  • Bron, Dion & Tom & helpers – many who don’t even have kids at the school but who shopped, cooked, labelled and delivered hundreds of jars of jams, conserves, chutneys and cordials.  Well done – we are loving your produce!

Flyer distributers

  • The dozen parents and kids who trekked the streets to letterbox flyers and stick up posters.

Craft Addicts

  • We had 3 working bees involving many many families who channelled creative energies into superb hand made craft.. Special mention to Diana Mercuri (and her tolerant family) who once more oversaw the tremendous production, even with crutches!  Thanks to all who attended – it was such fun.

Sponsorship sub committee

  • To Leanne, Kristina and Elspeth who liaised with the many local businesses, resulting in lots of contacts, research, knowledge for next time, and importantly the significant financial contribution by Hocking Stuart North Melbourne, our fete sponsors.  Follow up for printing and publicity, and running the live auction meant our fete was so well advertised and supported, and a huge success.

Food & drinks sub committee

  • This team used their local contacts to our great benefit and advantage – in particular thanks to Pam, Sybil and Tamara who liaised with external food and drink providers, Caroline who organised and ran the key raffle, Peter and Elspeth who organised the Rotary BBQ (and people to cook), and Nina who organised a big donation of flowers & food from the wholesale markets.  We acknowledge our own parents and grandparents, Michael, Ori, Charlotte, Peter and Mary, whose businesses made special efforts to provide superb meals. 

Donation sub committee

  • Elspeth & Rachel trekked the town, emailed so many businesses, collected, collated, listed, wrapped, made up booklets and advertising, and ‘schmoozed and massaged’ our generous donors, enabling us to raise thousands in our silent and live auctions this year.

School Council

  • Who oversaw, discussed, supported and worked alongside the NMPS leadership staff, to ensure the Fete Committee and the fete was well managed.


  • Sally gave up her time, opened her door, prioritised our demands, said ‘YES’, brought her expertise, leadership and enthusiasm, empowered us, trusted us, involved her staff and team, gave school resources, let us take over the staff room, got excited and laughed lots, and worked alongside us to enable the event to evolve, and grow bigger and bigger, and become the most successful fundraising fete we’ve ever run.  Its been a pleasure to make this happen with you Sally!

Fete Committee

  • And finally, the 2016 Fete Committee, many of whom worked for over 6 months to plan, manage and run the fete !  They are: Eleanor Bassett, Josie Chan, Leanne Ryan, Rachael Coleman, Elspeth Fink-Jensen, Robyn Phelan, Alice Bluer, Michael Grier, Will Chang, Kristina Forbes, Kate Carroll, Charlotte Clarke, Lisa Carlton, Pam Newton, Gen Kelly and Meg Moorhouse
  • A special thank you to Meg and the Moorhouse family. Meg's capacity to keep the 'big picture' objectives that a fete requires was truly amazing and tremendously appreciated. You have been a generous, patient, wise land motivating leader.

These Local Businesses Donated & Supported Our Fete - Thank You


Ace Airport Parking

189 South Centre Road, Tullamarine, Victoria 3043


Ace Fun Tennis School

Elliot Ave / Royal Pde, Parkville, 3052

0418 178 328


359 Victoria St, West Melbourne

9328 3710

Ample Café

123 Howard St, North Melbourne, 3051

9329 6622

Atone Lifestyle salon

95 Errol St, North Melbourne

9326 7160

Auction rooms & Counter

103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

9326 7749

Beatrix Cakes

crn Abbotsford & Queensberry St North Melb 3015

0403 698 836

Bernard’s Magic Shop

355 Victoria Street, West Melbourne 3003

9670 9270

Bikram Yoga Ascot Vale

First Floor/386 Mt Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

9372 8786

Bowen's Timber Hardware

135-173 Macaulay Road, North Melbourne, 3051

9328 1041

Cafe Metsa

345 Victoria Street, West Melbourne, Melbourne

9328 8999

Carlton Football Club

Ikon Park, Royal Parade, Carlton North, 3054

City North Physio

59 Errol St North Melbourne

9328 3733

Collingwood Football Club



Court House Hotel

86-90 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

9329 5394

Dan Donnelly Tennis Coaching Programs

Royal Park Tennis Club, The Ave. & Park ST, Parkville, 3052

0408 991 700

Ellen Sandell, MP

Parliament House (high tea)

9328 4637

Flight Centre

4 Errol St, North Melbourne, 3051

1300 823 004

FortKnox Storage

484 Spencer Street, West Melbourne, 3003

9326 4088

Frames Ready Made

352 Lygon St East Brunswick

8388 7631

Fred and Ginger catering

37 Lothian St North Melbourne

9329 7765

GH Music

100 Mt Alexander Rd, Flemington


High Voltage Rock School




Amanda Dale

0403 185 684 

Medibank Icehouse

105 Pearl River Rd, Docklands, 3008

1300 756 699

Melbourne City Meats

Stall 20 21 Meat Hall, Queen Victoria Markets

9328 3275


Morks Chocolate Brew House

150 Errol St North Melbourne, 3051

9328 1663

Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance

Level 1, 64 Sutton St, North Melbourne, 3051

9329 6770


North Melbourne books

546 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne, 3051

9041 4216

North Melbourne Football Club

204-206 Arden Street, North Melbourne, 3051

9348 2400

North Melbourne Swimming Pool (NMRC)

1 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne, 3051

9329 2885

Parkville Music School

(at Uni High) Storey St, Parkville, 3052

9348 1282


Pavillion Select Produce

Shop 31 Deli Hall Queen Vic Market

0421 780 438

Piccoli Photography

56 Lyndhurst St, Richmond, 3121

9421 2488

Paws N Claws Wonderland

343 Victoria St, Melbourne VIC 3003

9043 9200

Quirk and Co

466 Victoria St, North Melbourne, 3051

9329 7075

Radical Yes !

PO Box 398 Nth Melb

 413 115 139

Reid Cycles

280 - 290 Victoria St, North Melbourne, 3051

9348 9892

Rollerdoor Cafe

13 Stawell St, West Melbourne, 3003

0490 152 314

School of Living Music

53 Little Baille St North Melbourne,3051

9329 0503


 2/286 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

9827 8907

Simone Perelle Direct

T53, Spencer Outlet Centre, 201 Spencer St

8689 7525

Small Batch Roasting Co

3-9 Little Howard St, North Melbourne 3051

9326 6313

Spieledeluxe Boardgames

3/566 Queensberry St, North Melbourne, 3051

8394 7589

Stranger than Paradise

101 Errol St, North Melbourne, 3051


Sweet William Prints

 Paula Mills, North Melbourne

Town Hall Hotel

33 Errol St, North Melbourne, 3051

9328 1983

The Monthly

Level 1, 221 Drummond Street Carlton VIC 3053

9486 0258

Wayne Lynch Master Jeweller

93 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

9328 5500

Wonderland Fun Park

120 Pearl River Road, Docklands, 3008

9602 1311


Bakers delight - for bread till we dropped!

29 Errol St

North Melbourne, 3051

9329 0467

Bernard’s Magic Shop - for face paints and balloons

355 Victoria St

West Melbourne, 3003

9670 9270

The Big Group – for treats for the cake stall

38 – 40 Cubitt St

Richmond 3121

9429 0910


Costco – for vouchers for food

381 Footscray Road

Docklands, 3008

8602 0300

Dulux Paint – for paint for our stalls

420 King St

West Melbourne VIC 3003

9326 8458

Errols Angels Choir – for angelic singing on stage

c/- Nth Melb Maternal and Child Health Centre

Fixation Brewing Co. - for beautiful beer and cider

4 Baronia Pl,

Byron Bay, NSW, 2481

0499 034 200

The Fresh Pear

20 B shed,

Queen Vic Markets

0418 556 074

Girl Guides - for being crafty and fun

Glenisle Lemon Farm - for hay and lemons

481 Killeens Hill Rd,

Gooram, 3666

Hawken Bakehouse -for quiches & vege burgers galore

26 Ebden Street, 

Moorabbin Victoria 3189

9243 8000

Hello Jose  - for donations of a Mexican flavour

85 Peel St

West Melbourne 3003

9328 8388

Hocking Stuart Real Estate - for incredible financial and publicity support

79 Errol St

North Melbourne, 3051

9328 8388

IGA North Melbourne - for continued support and food donation

20 - 26 Errol St

North Melbourne, 3051

9329 2500

John Barnes & Co. Locksmiths – for hundreds of keys for the key raffle

576 Elizabeth St

Melbourne 3000

9347 3077

The Little Coffee Van – for delicious espresso

Flemington Farmers Market

0422 180 413

Latorre’s– for flowers & vegies

Stores 95 & 96 Melb Markets, Epping

9408 9856


La Tortilleria – for Mexican ingredients our food stall

72 Stubbs Rd

Kensington, 3031


Kelmscott Bakehouse –or treats

Kim Clayton-Greene


0415 289 591

Melbourne City Meats – for chicken snags

Stall 20 21 Meat Hall

Queen Victoria Markets

9328 3275


Parkhill Cellars - for fab wine

45 Errol St

North Melbourne, 3051

9328 1132

The Parkville Store - for generous food donations

52 Morrah St

Parkville, 3052

9041 4727

Quick 7 Convenience - for boxes galore

46 Haines St,

North Melbourne, 3051

9328 1114


Red Cross - for first aid coverage

23 - 47 Hilliers St

North Melbourne, 3051

8327 7700

Relume Consulting & John Ford  - for lighting expertise

57 Jones Pl

West Melbourne 3003

0411 519 738

Rotary Club of Melbourne - for BBQing generosity

2/501 Bourke St

Melbourne, 3000

0418 675 153

Rotary Club of North Melbourne - for lending their BBQ

Flemington Rd & Harker St

North Melbourne, 3051

Panda – for amazing signage

The Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer – for spit roasts and feeds

519 Spencer St,

West Melbourne

9329 6955

Terry Toweling and the Tank Tops - for a great gig

c/- Alistair Hunter,

Brunswick, 3056

0488 302 583

Tom Collins Caravan Bar  - for an  atmospheric bar

c/- Lucy Buncle, North Melbourne Primary School

Trunk Restaurant - for snags and chicken wings

275 Exhibition St

Melbourne, 3000

9663 7994

Warung Agus – for our fave Indonesian eats

305 Victoria St

West Melbourne, 3003

9329 1737