Errol Street News #25

12 April 2016

Message from Sally

Welcome to Term 2, as usual the term has started at an intensity that will be sustained for the full eleven weeks.

Staffing Movements

On day one, the pupil free day, all staff were introduced to our newest staff members. Kate Doyle is an ESS, (education support staff) member who will work in all the prep grades assisting with intervention and extension programs.
Tess Vu, who has previously worked at Biz e Kidz and in Japan teaching English; has been appointed temporarily as the new sixth Prep teacher. Tess is replacing Amanda DeMarchi who has returned to Canada to be with her family  and this position will be advertised within the next few weeks.
Emily Marlow who worked with us as a replacement teacher last term has also been temporarily appointed as the replacement for Nicky Weaver who will be starting her maternity leave form next week. Again this position will be advertised shortly.
We have a number of staff on leave at present and are replacing them with high quality replacements.

Information Night Reflection

Last week we held a school forum to discuss school pedagogies, student enrolment pressure and to present some data indicating that we are exceeding expectations in relation to student growth, particularly in the upper school.  The forum was attended by around 10% of our family population and 20% of the staff.

Generally, most families who provided independent feedback felt they were significantly more informed following the forum presentations.

Library Update

The Library program continues to be one of our highest funded priority programs. Kathy continues to support classes by working in classrooms sharing new books and encourage borrowing. The library is open to all students and families before and after school and during the day; every day except Thursday. All classrooms have 'classroom libraries' and staff arrange additional library sessions when necessary, in consultation with the year four teachers and Kathy.

Furniture Update

The Foundation/Prep 'learning lane' furniture arrived in the first day back and the students are developing ways of using their new spaces effectively, including suggestions like not wearing your shoes if you want to kneel on the ottomans!

We have been informed that the new Year Four Com. furniture is to be delivered by the end of this week.

Calendar of Special Events





Errol Street News #25



School Council Meeting



Junior Assembly 3.15pm


ANZAC DAY - no school  
 29 Senior Assembly 3.15pm




Errol Street News  


 Info Night - Year 6 Sexuality Education Program 6.30-8pm


Mother's Day Stall - Year 5 & 6  


Mother's Day Stall - Year 2, 3 & 4  
6 Mother's Day Stall - Prep & Year 1  
6 Junior Assembly 3.15pm


Year 6 Sexuality Education Program 1st of 3  


Parents & Friends Commitee Meeting 7pm


Years 3 & 5 NAPLAN  


Senior Assembly 3.15pm


Student Led Tour 9-10am


Education Week  6pm


School Council Meeting  


Junior Assembly 3.15pm


Simultaneous Storytime I Got This Hat 11am


Year 6 Sexuality Education Program 2nd of 3  




Year 6 Sexuality Education Program 3rd of 3  

Year 5 & 6 Music Update


From Jane, Music Teacher

This term in Year 5 and 6 music classes we will be using GarageBand on our iPads to learn about making different styles of music using virtual instruments.

Towards the end of the term we will apply what we have learned to play real instruments.

GarageBand is available for all Year 5 and 6 students to download via Meraki.

Please ensure that your Year 5 or 6 students have downloaded GarageBand onto their Ipads as soon as possible.

Students will also be encouraged to bring their own headphones to school for music sessions.

Simultaneous Storytime 2016

Activity Draw your own hat
Simulaneous Story Time
untitled report 2

Simultaneous Storytime from Katie, Teacher

On the 25th of May, all students and teachers will be heading up to the oval each with a book to read at 11am, along with many other schools and locations around Australia. This year’s book is,’I Got This Hat’ by Jole and Kate Temple.

There is plenty of time to start creating a fabulous hat or wear your favourite hat. Teachers will be joining in too.

We will also be running a competition for the best designed hat. All students who wish to enter the competition will be invited to design a hat. Print out the form below.

Mothers' Day Stall


Mothers Day is on Sunday 8th  May

The NMPS Mother’s Day Stall will be held on Wed 4th, Thurs 5th and Fri 6th May.

NMPS holds an annual Mother’s Day stall organised by the Parents & Friends Committee.  Each class will be given some time to go the stall during their school day and teachers will help the children to purchase a small gift for their mothers, grandmothers or carers.   The pressies will be re-stocked for each session to allow all children a great selection at a variety of prices. 

This year we are selling:

  • hand-made jewellery,
  • lip balms,
  • body scrubs and bath bombs from our own ‘Craft Addicts’ group,
  • lots of lovely jams, cordials and conserves from our terrific Preserves Team,
  • potted colourful flowering plants,
  • locally made soaps, and
  • a great range of other fun and luxury items to spoil the women in our lives!

There are items from $1 to $10 in value.  We’d appreciate it if you could send some money with your child on the day that they’ve been allocated to visit the stall.   The profits raised from this event will go to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Scheme, our library and other school needs.

The dates of the stall for each grade are:

Years 5, 6                            Wednesday 4 May

Years 2, 3, 4                        Thursday 5 May

Years Prep, 1                       Friday 6 May


Volunteers to Run the Stall

We need six volunteers day for three days across three sessions

Volunteers please contact


Parent Name:

Mobile number:

Email address:

  1. Session No 1 (9.30 – 10.45 am) 
  2. Session No 2 (11.30 am – 1 pm
  3. Session No 3 ( 2.00 - 3.15 pm)


Bioblitz-ing Year 5 Students

Year 5 Urban Bioblitz 2016

By Tina, Seongiu & Raneem, Year 5 Sophie Students

Summary of the NMPS Parents Information Meeting 13 April 2016

From Megan Cusack & Gen Kelly, School Council Representatives

Over 100 people attended the parents’ information meeting on Wednesday, 13 April to learn more about the current challenges facing the school, what we can do as a community to address current and future issues and to gain a better insight into the school’s student centred approach to learning.

There were four speakers, each providing a specific insight into their area of expertise.

John Stone, Senior Education Manager from the Department of Education and Training, who is responsible for setting strategy and policy for 25 schools in Victoria, including North Melbourne Primary. John confirmed the pressure urban renewal and development is placing on inner city schools, and outlined the North Melbourne Primary School’s enrolment obligations and the boundaries. It was interesting to note that 15% of the schools current population actually reside outside of the school’s boundary. John encouraged the school community to invite the minister to visit the school and discuss the issue of enrolment pressure and to speak with the City of Melbourne to open up areas for the school’s usage. He also confirmed that the school is very high on the waiting list for an additional portable.

Our Principal, Sally Naylor, apologised to the year four parents about the lack of communication about the flexible working area for this year’s students. She acknowledged their frustration and confirmed that furniture custom designed for the space in The Com had been ordered and should arrive shortly. Sally also confirmed that the Library would continue to be used by the year 4 student’s until the arrival of a new portable. While the Library was closed, students would be able to borrow books before school and at lunch time, and that Kathy, the Librarian would continue to deliver new books to all classrooms in the school as a portable library. Kathy will also offer a Book Club to ensure the school continues is passion for reading.

Sally also spoke about the recent visit to the school from Professor Stephen Heppell, an expert in flexible learning approaches that maximise education opportunities within open spaces. Professor Heppell commended the school’s flexible and adaptive approach to accommodating the current student numbers in available space, which has seen the recent introduction of “Learning Lanes” in the Prep area.

Hilary Hollingsworth, parent, School Councillor and Education Consultant at the Australian Council for Educational Research, provided a glimpse into the research into open space learning and the positive results that had been achieved. She provided qualitative evidence that schools with open space learning approaches, like North Melbourne Primary School, provide greater flexibility, improved opportunities for learning, increased teacher interaction, team orientation and greater independence. Hilary also highlighted research that has clearly shown it is the quality of teaching rather than the classroom design and layout that will have most impact on student learning and academic progress. Good teachers can make use of any space and make it work, but it is the double bonus of the good teachers at NMPS and the flexible spaces that deliver great educational outcomes.

Finally, Craig Turner, Assistant Principal, outlined the results that students have achieved in years 4, 5 and 6 over the last five years. The data demonstrated that North Melbourne Primary School students have consistently achieved the highest growth levels under the flexible learning approach compared to other schools.

As a school community, we need to band together to lobby to develop short-term strategies to manage the current overcrowding issues. Parents who are interested in helping with a campaign are asked to encouraged to make themselves known to the school council.

The school council and staff have also committed to more frequent and targeted communication. A survey will be issued in the next two weeks to gain an insight into how best we can engage and communicate with our school community. In the meantime, the school have scheduled open classrooms and student led tours as part of Education Week on Monday May 16. We encourage parents who would like to know more about the pedagogy and the classroom set up at NMPS to visit the school on this morning. Bookings for student led tours can be made by calling  the school office on 9329 6902. Our school website has comprehensive details on 21st Century Learning including information document from Stephen Heppell and Flexible Learning at NMPS.


Message from Buildings + Grounds Committee Meeting on Friday 15th April

Response to Whole School Forum on the 13th April

Dear Parents, Teachers and Participants

Your passion and concern has contributed to the school community by making yourselves available to discuss immediate and ongoing challenges, associated with enrolment pressures facing the school.
With a school community as determined and motivated as you all are, to seeking solutions, NMPS will continue to provide an outstanding environment for learning and growth.
The Building +Grounds team are currently drafting an issues and recommendations paper, based on information and discussion at the forum on Wed 13 April, for consideration at the next School Council meeting on Wed 20 April.

We will keep you informed of final recommendations following that meeting.

School Council Report 19th April 2016

By Kris Mrksa, Parent School Council Representative

At the School Council meeting last week, discussion focussed on the growing enrolment numbers at NMPS, and on formulating proactive strategies to enable adequate and appropriate spaces for teaching and learning at our school. Council members agreed that we should develop both short term and longer term strategies, as the residential population in North and West Melbourne continues to grow.

The matter was referred to the Buildings and Grounds Committee, where it was noted that NMPS is currently on a waiting list with the Department of Education, to receive an additional two story relocatable classroom. However the timeline for construction, delivery and installation remains unclear.  The committee resolved to actively engage with the Department in respect of that time-line, while also formulating longer term strategies in an attempt to relieve growing enrolment pressures.

So watch this space for more news on the subject.

Announcing A Record Profit From the 2016 NMPS Fete

2nd Hand Toys

From Meg Moorhouse, Parents & Friends Committee

We are pleased to announce that our school made a profit of $42 440 at this year’s twilight fete.  This is a massive increase compared to the last fete’s total of $28,000 just 2 years ago. 

Why the good result? Great advertising, good planning, experience, knowledge, research, involvement of our helpful parents in so many aspects of the fete, sheer numbers of quality stalls, breath of activities and numbers of visitors and families attending  (but certainly not the weather)!  NMPS has taken the school fete to a whole new level of learning, involvement, fun and success.  Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden scheme (including both the kitchen and the garden aspects of the program, the equipment, running costs and staff) thanks you for this– without the substantial fundraising from our bi-annual fete we could not keep this important program running at our school. 

Some highlights

The highlights in terms of money were the wonderful ‘in house’ managed food stalls (burritos, corn, quiches, pizza, BBQ) – it was such a pleasure to have the Year 6 children cook and run much of food stalls – a direct result of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program! 

We also acknowledge some extraordinary results from the live and silent auctions – our biggest stall ever, compared to much smaller auctions in previous years.  Many of the 55 items to bid on came from local businesses (a large portion we didn’t directly ask for however came to us out of the blue, after hearing about the fete and wishing to contribute – the school’s size and reputation is obviously well known to local businesses).  These are shops and services that we utilise every day in our community..  Also it needs to be noted that year-level hampers provided by you, our parents, led to 22 more hamper prizes that were purchased which added to this big total.  Huge thanks to doners and purchasers alike.  This is over $9000 of income that we haven’t had on previous years

The new Super Passes this year were a hit, due to their great value and the encouragement of our children to make their own choices and give parents a bit of space with children heading off on their own with their lanyards!  Thanks to everyone who purchased Super Passes and wristbands.  When we look at profits this year, remember that many stalls (about 22 of them!) took both cash and Super Passes – it was therefore not possible to keep track of their exact financial contribution to our fete, but we do remember just how busy each stall was in clipping those passes and serving customers!!  And regardless of the weather, kids loved the rides and the animal farm too.

My favourite stalls are the activities that you only get to do at a fete – Side Show Alley, Try Your Luck, henna, hair and face painting etc. I loved the creativity and involvement of students in the running of these great stalls. Thanks to the wonderful teachers and parents, and clever children, who came up with these concepts! Again – fun and money for very little outlay – just imagination and people power!

Products to purchase. The memorable cake stall was beautifully presented with a massive range – thanks to all who baked and those who were lucky enough to take home the treats too. I am amazed at how many preserves and creative crafts were on sale this year too, as well as home grown plants, and a great display of cut flowers. The enormous Recycled Shed was a big hit and made terrific money (and all the left overs went to op shops and Vanuatu schools). Again – a stall made via donations from parents – thanks to you all who brought in good for this.  We hope you enjoyed the clean up in your homes, and recycling of some great books and toys.

But no matter what the profit of each stall we appreciate that every contribution is valued – and every dollar is important for our school’s fundraising.. and likewise, every purchase by every individual attending our fete, whether big or small, is valued too, as is your continued support and care for wonderful events like this that really enhances our wonderful community that is North Melbourne Primary School..

So until the next event, my heartfelt thanks for all you have done to make this 2016 Twilight Fete such a memorable and successful event.

Breakdown of profits by stall & activity

Fete Category

Net profit (approx)

Rides & Super Passes




Food & Drink *


Recycled Shed








Craft (to buy & make) *


Try Your Luck *




Side Show Alley *


Treats *


Lick n polish *



*       these stalls took both cash & Super Passes - only cash totals are reflected here

Please give us feedback – what did you think of the fete?

We are asking for your feedback on our fete, by completing a short 10 question on line survey –



Winter Holiday Program Important Dates

Planning has already begun for the Biz – E – Kidz Winter holiday program. Here are some important dates to take note of:
The winter holiday program runs from Monday 27th June – Friday 8th July.
Program Release – 17th May. The program will be available at Biz – E – Kidz and the School Newsletter
Holiday Program Bookings Open – Monday 23rd May. Bookings can be made by returning the booking form to Sharon, Eva, Kelly or Ace.
Bookings Close – Friday 27th May. Bookings can still be made after this date but will be ineligible for the first round of priority of access
Confirmations – week beginning Monday 30th May. Confirmations of bookings and places on the waiting list will be made via mail.
Deposit Due – Friday 17th June. After receiving your confirmation a deposit of $10 per child / per day is due.

How to pay your Biz – E – Kidz Bill using BPay

As all Biz – E – Kidz payments go through the school, your individual customer and the school’s BPay number are available by contacting the school on 9329 6902 or These numbers are also on the fee statement issued by the school at the beginning of the year.
As there is no way that the school is able to see what the money paid via BPay is for specifically, families must email the school on to inform them that the payment made is for Biz - E - Kidz, what the Biz - E - Kidz family ID number is and how much they have paid.
Payments can also be made by cash, cheque, credit card or EPTPOS at the school office.
If you have any questions regarding payments, please see Sharon or contact her on the details below.

Staffing Changes at Biz – E – Kidz

To meet the demands of the increased program sizes, you might notice a lot of new faces on the Biz – E – Kidz Team. A big welcome to educators Toby, Tanne, Holly and Rachel. Also, Welcome to Kelly and Ace who have now stepped up to act as assistant coordinators in addition to Eva