Errol Street News #27 (delayed from 17 May)

20 May 2016

Message from Sally

Hair-Raising Crazy Day

How much teaching can we be expected to do when children and teachers mess with their hair even before coming to school! What an creative and theatrical day. Thanks to all involved. For further details read the SRC News.


Our New Relocatable

Due to negotiations between John Stone, the South West Region facilities team, DET and Myself, I am delighted to inform you that our new relocatable will be provided as a matter of urgency.

As you will read in the media release attached, a double-story relocatable will be ready to use by July 2016.

Calendar of Special Events





Education Week



School Council Meeting



Year 6 Sexuality Education Program 1st of 3



Junior Assembly



Year 6 District Soccer Carnival, JJ Holland Park



Simultaneous Storytime I Got This Hat



Year 4 Anglesea Camp



Year 6 Sexuality Education Program 2nd of 3



Combined Division Cross Country, Brimbank Park



Round 4 Winter Sports



Senior Assembly



Education Committee Meeting












School Council & AGM



Year 6 Sexuality Education Program 3rd of 3



Round 5  Winter Sports



Parents & Friends Committee Meeting



Senior Assembly



Queen's Birthday Holiday






Junior Assembly



Reports Sent Home



Student Led Tours



Year 5 Ski Camp Falls Creek



Whole School Assembly



Last Day Term 2 - ends 1.30pm






Origami Club

Tuesdays 2nd lunch (1:10-1:40pm)

Prep Eleanor's Room

Science & Art Club

Wednesday 2nd lunch


Drawing Club

Friday 2nd lunch Prep - Year 2

 The Hive

Skate Club

Tuesday 2nd lunch Year 4-6


Story Club

Monday 2nd lunch Prep-Year

Leah & Josie 1A

Chess club

Monday 2nd lunch


Sport & Games Club

Tuesday 2nd lunch

UHS Year 9 








Monday - 2nd lunch

Music Room


Tuesday - 2nd lunch

Music Room

Music Practise Club & Trio 

 Wednesday (years 3 - 6 only)

2nd lunch - music room

Rock band (Year 5 & 6 only - by audition)

Thursday - 2nd lunch 

Music room 

Marimba Band (by audition, years 3 - 6 only )

Friday - 2nd lunch 

Music room

Preps Learn About How Signs & Symbols Work

IMG 2220
IMG 6805
IMG 6808

Eleanor and the Prep Team

You may have seen some important signs popping up around the school and playground as well as a concentrated amount in the Prep corridor. This is due to our busy sign makers who are concluding their Deeper Learning experience which focused on 'how signs and symbols communicate a message and keep us safe in our community.' We have had a busy term and a half focusing on Citizenship which included visits from Kathy, the Police, Fire Brigade and the RACV.

We have also scoped the perimeter of our school and can report that there are "tonnes" of signs keeping our school safe. So beware of passionate little Foundation members promoting their new messages such as "no climbing up the slide", "This way to sick bay/first aid" and the very important "no throwing rocks!"  

Fire Brigade Excite & Educate the Preps

7.They use a ladder
8.They use the jaws of life

The Prep Team

We had a fantastic and educational experience when the Fire Brigade visited NMPS recently! We learnt how to distinguish between a good [safe] and a bad [unsafe] fire, and what to do if there is a fire at home. Hopefully you have all checked that your smoke detectors are working, and have decided on a safe meeting point for your family in case of an emergency. What can your child tell you about fire safety?

After we'd learnt these important ways to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, it was time for the fun stuff! Thank you to Fireman Sam (yes, really!), Fireman Lenny, Fireman Matt and Firefighter Mary for sharing your time, expertise and truck! 130+ excited preps got to clamber through the firetruck cab and have a go of spraying the powerful fireman's hoses. It was an exciting experience that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Please enjoy a selection of pictures and work from the visits.

Simultaneous Storytime 2016

Activity Draw your own hat
Simulaneous Story Time
untitled report 2

Simultaneous Storytime from Katie, Teacher

On the 25th of May, all students and teachers will be heading up to the oval each with a book to read at 11am, along with many other schools and locations around Australia. This year’s book is,’I Got This Hat’ by Jole and Kate Temple.

There is plenty of time to start creating a fabulous hat or wear your favourite hat. Teachers will be joining in too.

We will also be running a competition for the best designed hat. All students who wish to enter the competition will be invited to design a hat. Print out the form below.

Student Representative Committee

Lucy, SRC & Classroom Teacher

At last count we raised nearly $800 for the boys to shave their hair.
The money goes to the 'Shave for a Cure' for the Leukemia Foundation.

The heads shaved were

  • Luke Ryan (Year 6 teacher)
  • Jack Addams Williams (Year 5 teacher)
  • Hamish Vowels (Blue House Captain Year 6)
  • Joe Edward-Smith (School Vice Captain Year 6)

Thank you to the teachers who performed the barber duties:

  • Tyson Smith (grade 1)
  • Jane McCracken (Music)

The prize winners were:

  • Prep: Grace McClennan
  • Grade 1: Taehee Kim
  • Grade 2:Mia Battistella
  • Grade 3: Sadie Neave
  • Grade 4: Hannah Kilpatrick
  • Grade 5: Mei-Lian Wyithe
  • Grade 6: Milly Barr
  • Family Prize: The Barrs (Milly, Toby, Charlie)
  • Teachers: Phil (Year 6) Lucinda (Year 2)

Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day, thank you to everyone who donated and embraced the crazy of the day, it was worth it. Thanks to Will for the wonderful action shots.

A Delight For Kids and Mums

DSC 6500 1920
P1090984 1

Meg Moorhouse (on behalf of the Parents & Friends Committee)

Our annual three days of mayhem that is the Mother’s Day stall was a wonderful success.  There were over 1700 items wrapped beautifully and collated to ensure a range of pressies, prices and choices for our 700+ children to choose from.  It was a delight to watch the children come with their classes and carefully discuss what their mums would like (and in many cases what they would like too), and work out what money they could have and then what then they can buy with change!  A lesson in numeracy for sure! 

The Parents and Friends Committee and Craft Addicts working groups are very proud that this year the majority of gifts were either hand made, locally made, made at the school garden program, sourced from local suppliers and produced in local kitchens.  Mind you, we can’t take credit for the very popular diamante encrusted bright pink lipstick pens which have become a firm favourite for many of the kids (sorry!!).  What’s a stall without some bling?  We worked very hard to collate a good variety of interesting gifts, starting at a reasonable $1 to $10.

It's lovely to have feedback from the happy mothers too – many sporting jewellery at pick up and enjoying jams on the weekend.

Huge thanks need to go to:

  • Diana, and the Craft Addicts volunteers, who over three working bees produced earrings, necklaces, body scrubs, lip balms and all sorts of lovely products
  • Bronwen Moncrieft and her family, and our community neighbour Tom, for cooking hundreds of jars of jams, cordials and preserves.
  • Sandra, Jean, Anne and the office staff for sharing their space and overseeing finances, for Jo and Megan in the garden for growing plants, and all the teachers for rearranging their curriculum, and  helping the children attend during class times!
  • Will, Gen, Charlotte, Kate and the shopping and wrapping volunteers, and their kids who sourced products, wrapped masses of pressies over two long Fridays, and helped set up and pack up.
  • And the 30+ parents who volunteered to do shifts on the three days, plus run the stall after Assembly on the Friday. When helping hundreds of children to choose pressies you were considerate, friendly, kind and enthusiastic, and it makes our Mother’s Day stall a terrific experience. Thank you.
  • And finally to all our parents, for financially contributing to yet another terrific fundraising event.  We have made a very tidy profit (details to be published soon) – proceeds of which support our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Scheme, where seedlings are potted and jams are made by our own kids!!!

With gratitude (and enjoying my succulents and earrings too).

Library News

Reading is Fun

Come and browse!

Kathy, Library


Biz – E – Kidz winter holiday program
The holiday program plan is now available, a copy is with this newsletter or available from the Biz – E – Kidz buildings. Bookings open next Monday
Holiday Program IMPORTANT DATES:
Monday 23rd May: Holiday program bookings open, bookings can be made by returning the booking form to Sharon, Eva, Ace or Kelly at Biz-E-Kidz.
Friday 27th May: Holiday Program bookings close. Bookings can still be made after this date, but will be subject to availability and will not be eligible to be considered in the first round of priority of access.
Monday 30th May:  Places in the holiday program or on the wait list will be mailed to families this week.
Friday 17th June: All holiday program deposits and before and aftercare fees are due to secure your holiday program booking.
Any changes to bookings made after this date will incur a $30 cancellation fee.
Big Changes at Biz – E – Kidz: Biz – E – Kidz Junior and Senior
Biz – E – Kidz trialed its first day as Biz – E – Kidz Junior in the Biz – E – Kidz building and Biz – E – Kidz Senior in the Flex. Feedback from children, families and educators has been that it was a really successful, relaxed and enjoyable session.

Biz – E – Kidz priority has always been to provide a safe and stimulating program to all children, including making changes such as increasing in size, utilising other areas in the school and changing leadership structure to enable us to provide the same quality of care with the greatly increased demand of the larger school community.
After reviewing and based on the success of the ‘Biz – E – Kidz foundation program’, the Biz – E – Kidz has decided to expand on this to split the aftercare program into two equal sized groups; the Foundation, Grades ones and twos (Juniors) and the Grades three to six (seniors). The aim of this split is to create two manageable sized groups, utilise more appropriate spaces and provide the best ‘learn through play’ opportunities for children using the service.
Important information regarding this change:
·         The Foundation, Ones and Twos will be located in the Biz – E – Kidz building
·         The Years Three – Six will be located in the downstairs area of the Flex on the south side of the school.
·         Before care and holiday program will continue to be run from the Biz – E – Kidz building
·         All children will still have access to snack, outside play areas, equipment and activities
·         The foundation children will be collected from their classrooms and bought up to Biz – E - Kidz

We welcome feedback concerning this change; please get in touch with Sharon on the contact details below or email

Sharon Goodwin
Biz - E - Kidz Coordinator
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message.