Errol Street News #29

30 May 2016

Message from Sally

What is the NMPS Strategic Plan?

In 2014 our school undertook a mandatory School Review. Following this highly successful review the NMPS staff created the 2014 – 2017 Strategic Plan.
A Department of Education & Training strategic plan is not exactly the same as those developed for business but has to address four key specific areas of improvement; Achievement, Engagement, Well-Being and Productivity. Our goals are linked to specific targets and are to be achieved through our set strategies.
In developing our Strategic Plan; the first aspect was to review our Philosophy, Mission, Vision and Values statements. We performed this task using a consultant led ‘Future Search’ approach. This process allowed staff to honour our history and then look forward.
In 2014 we established our:
The North Melbourne Primary School philosophy is underpinned by the following beliefs and practices:

  • All children can learn
  • Learning outcomes will be maximised when children feel safe, connected and engaged at school
  • Students are encouraged to be active and self-directed in their learning
  • Our school values are reflected within all we do

Guaranteed extraordinary learning opportunities for students, providing a rich curriculum and evidence-based practices of teaching.
Students will contribute positively to their local, national and global communities.
We value being  Responsible  Inclusive  Sagacious  Ethical

Year 3 Zoo Excursion

Image: Year 3 in the wombat enclosure at the Melbourne Zoo last week.

Our staff regularly revisit these statements as they continue to support our work at NMPS.

Our Annual Report presents our current successes in response to these four areas of achievement. The annual report also indicates area of future improvement. The Annual Report can be found on our website: Annual Report

Sally Karlovic, Principal, NMPS

Important Dates

15 June 

School Council Meeting


17 June

Fundraiser PJ Day



Junior Assembly



Reports Sent Home 


20 June

Student Led Tours 


21-23 June 

Year 5 Ski Camp Falls Creek


24 June

Last Day Term 2 - ends 1.30pm

Message About Family Statements & Invoices

From Anne Wrigley, Business Manager

This school now has the ability to email family statements/invoices. Your statement will be emailed to the email address we have on file.

Statement of Intended Purpose

When you receive your statements/invoices online, the email and any attachments will be confidential and will be intended solely for the information of the individual to whom it is addressed.


If you would prefer to continue to receive your statement/invoices by mail, please email Anne Wrigley on with the following details:

No, I do not agree to receiving my statements/invoices via email.

Parent’s Name                           __________________________________

Child’s Name                             __________________________________

Child’s Grade                             __________________________________

Signature of [Parent/Guardian)   __________________________________



Student Representative Committee - Fundraiser PJ Day

slippers 1024x631

From Lucy, SRC & Classroom Teacher

When: Friday 17th June

What: Wear pyjamas and bring a gold coin donation
Why: Support youth homelessness in Victoria

We are raising money and awareness for youth homelessness in Victoria. The Lighthouse Foundation is a foundation that targets youth homelessness by providing accommodation and services to get them back involved in the community.

This is a SRC initiative.

Club Program

What’s been happening in Eco Warriors Club?

Eco Warriors

From Sophie, teacher

Last term students from Year 3-6 were given the opportunity to apply for a place in the NMPS Eco Warriors team for 2016.

The successful applicants now meet Friday lunchtimes with Sophie and Matt to work together on environmental activities and projects to improve sustainability in our school.

The last couple of weeks we have been talking about the Australian climate and what plants best suit our gardens, in particular succulent plant species.

Succulent plants often have thick, fleshy leaves and stems that can store water to help them survive in dry climates. They also prefer to grow in direct sunlight. This makes them a great choice for Australian gardens. Did you know the word "succulent" comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice, or sap!

Here are our Eco Warriors Katrina, Cleo, Lisa, Kaitlyn, Celeste and Lila with their hand painted pots and succulent plants to take home.


Please remember to cancel!
A reminder to families of the importance of letting Biz – E – Kidz know if your child will not be attending after school care, including if they were absent from school or went home early. The school and teachers are unable to inform Biz – E – Kidz of  a child’s absence and children are not allowed to cancel themselves.
To inform us that your child will not be attending please phone 9329 5529 and speak to staff or leave a message or phone or text 0400 838 448 BEFORE 3pm if possible.
Sharon will be on Leave from the beginning of the holidays
As of the end of term, I will be on leave until the 1st of August, and have planned an overseas trip to Europe and the UK to visit family and friends. During this time I will leave Biz – E - Kidz in the capable hands of Kelly, Ace and Eva (who herself will be returning from a trip to Morocco at the start of the holiday program) with the assistance of Libby. If you have any account enquiries, changes to bookings or anything else you need to discuss,  please pass it onto any of Kelly, Ace, Eva or Libby, preferably in writing, who will ensure that it is passed on to the right person for processing.
Thank you for a great term!
I’d like to thank all the North Melbourne Primary School staff, families and children for what has been an incredibly busy and successful term! Your input, support, understanding and feedback at this time has been instrumental to the success of the move to the flex, overcoming obstacles and the many other successes that 2016 has seen so far. Wishing you a safe and happy holiday break and I look forward to seeing everyone in term 3.


Sharon Goodwin
Biz - E - Kidz Coordinator
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message.

From the Global Homework Program - Breaking News


The Global Homework Program that has been running in North Melbourne and Altona North over the past 10 years has undergone recent changes. We have a new name and a new logo designed to truly reflect the nature, values and aims of the tutoring support service we provide to students.

We are now called Home Away from Homework Club.

  • The name refers to the atmosphere of the club…warm, safe, welcoming , friendly and supportive.
  • The circle represents that learning is never ending and that all are joined in learning
  • The house represents the home/library/community  space where learning is supported
  • The book indicates the emphasis on learning and the library environment
  • The hand represents the care of children in the community (in safe hands, a helping hand)
  • The colours are: orange for a sunrise for awakening , renewal, hope and joy and green for action (go), the environment and sustainability principles

Session times and locations

Tuesdays:  3.30-5.30pm       Years 7 -12    Hotham Room in North Melbourne Library

Wednesdays: 3.30-5pm        Years 4-6       Hotham Room in North Melbourne Library

Thursdays: 3.30-5pm           Years 4-9        Altona North Community Library

Contact : The Centre-Connecting Community in North and West Melbourne.  Ph (03) 9328 1126


From Tanja Redl, Prep Parent

Call out to all Prep and Year 1 kids, who might be interested in Mini Maestros Level 1, Group keyboard lessons, with my Preppy Georgia.
Here are the details:

Mini Maestros Website