Errol Street News #32

08 August 2016


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New Behavior Expectation Poster
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Athletics Day

AFL9's Competition

KFJSC Under 12s Grand Final Win

Parents & Friends Bring a Bloke To Breakfast
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Important Events


Yr2 Scienceworks Camp

Group 1 (2 Elly & 2 Lucille)


St John's First Aid Training for mixed classes


Father's Day Raffle Tickets sent home


Yr 5 Interesting Sports


Junior Assembly Prep Presentations


Student Led Tours of School


Screening at UHS 'Most Likely to Succeed'


Year 6 to Matilda The Musical


School Council Meeting


Yr2 Scienceworks Camp

Group 2 (2 John & half of 2 Bryony)


Year 6 Basketball Round Robin


Book Week Dress Up Day


Whole School Assembly


Errol Street News


Student Led Conferences


Bring A Bloke to Breakfast

  Junior Assembly Yr 2 Camp Recount 3.15pm

Yr2 Scienceworks Camp

Group 3 (2 Alicia & half of 2 Bryony)

16 Last Day Term 3 1.30pm

Message from Sally

New Behavior Expectations Poster

The Department of Education and Training (DET) annually sends all schools a School Staff Survey and the Student Attitudes to School Survey. Today I write about the survey for staff and our school's need to address the behavior of some members of our community.

In this year's survey, we observed an increase in questions about the well being of staff members. The survey explains its parameters as focusing on areas of the school environment that have a strong effect on student outcomes as evidenced in research. The School Staff Survey consists of five modules with a particular focus on well-being. There were 14 additional questions included at the end of the survey relating to a school's culture of trustworthiness and risk management. The survey also asks staff to describe work practices that build trust and risk management awareness that are important components of staff safety and well being. Completing the survey offers staff an opportunity to reflect on our school and in particular, our well being as a collaborative team.

Coincidentally, the survey arrived as we have been designing an advisory poster for our school environment. I am disappointed to have to report that there has been a increase in incidences of worrying behavior by members of our school and neighborhood community.The poster reminds visitors to be role models of polite and tolerant behavior and outlines our school's preferred method of contacting staff. Please see an example of this poster later in this newsletter. These will be placed around the school this week.

I also take this opportunity to thank the vast majority of parents, carers and community friends who engage and support our school with respect, optimism and politeness.

 Sally Portrait 2016

Sally Karlovic, Principal

New Behavior Expectations Poster


tiqbiz Upgrade

tiqbiz logo

From Linda Lepore, Customer Liason, tiqbiz

Since releasing the tiqbiz upgrade we have been experiencing some irregular technical performance , but please be assured we are aware of this and have a dedicated team working on it around the clock.
This new system is the biggest project we have done to date, and will ever do. It was a complete rebuild. We hoped to have it 100% perfect but realise there have been a few issues and we've been working day and night to respond to them quickly and  efficiently.
We have been working to optimise and stabilise performance to return to levels you have enjoyed in the past.
We strive to be better, every day to give our customers better tools and a more powerful system with a brighter future of communication possibilities.
Thank you for your patience and please continue to give us feedback and report any issues you encounter as we can continue to stabilise our new system.

Feedback from your concerns:

  1. The multiple notifications issue (red badge count) will be fixed within the next 48 hours.

  2. We are aware that at times of high volume traffic, loading time is not efficient. Our techs are working on this .

  3. The Absence form will be refined to have the default to be ‘please select’. The form will not submit until you have made a selection correctly (press done).

  4. Why has "Whole School" been replaced by "Select All"?
    The problem with the ‘whole school box’ was, if parents did not select it, they did not receive the information sent to the whole school box. 99% of our technical calls were parents who were only ticked onto their year level.
    How it works now: Parents add their year level or levels that apply to them. The “Select All” function simply sends to everybody. Messages are received only once by a parent with multiple boxes selected.


Film Screening of 'Most Likely to Succeed' 23rd August

From Genevieve Kelly, Parents & Friends Committee

Movie Screening - Most Likely to Succeed - Next week

“Hosting a screening of this film in our community was a wonderful catalyst for invigorating discussions among our students, staff, parents, and community members. The film inspired us to re-imagine what is happening in our classrooms.” - Superintendent Cara Cooke, Kilgore Independent School District.

Join us in reimagining our classrooms at the very special screening of the compelling film about modern education and schooling Most Likely To Succeed, hosted by NMPS Parents and Friends Association and Uni High Families next week on Tuesday 23 August.

This Sundance-selected documentary will be shown at University High School and the screening will be followed by a facilitated panel discussion and then we invite you to stay for a more informal chat with friends and some refreshments.

More information about the film is available here:

Date: Tuesday 23 August
Time: 6:30-9:30
Venue: Large Theatre, Elizabeth Blackburn School of Science, University High School, Parkville
Cost: $12 per person (Pensioners/Health Care Card Holders: Free but booking is required)

"If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." - John Dewey   



MIssing Clothes?

There is a huge number of items in lost property that have no name on them and some even appear to be brand new!

Need a quick label?  Sharpies work really well and stay put after washing.

Where is lost property?

  1. Office entry
  2. Prep corridor
  3. Outside classrooms
  4. Biz-E-Kids is a good place to look if your child plays on the oval.

Lost Property Exhibition

Friday afternoon assembly is the time that clothes are lined out on the office steps for identification. Parents who collect their kids on Friday can check the steps then or they may wish to remind their kids to have a quick scout through the clothes at this time to identify items that belong to them.

Clothes that are un-labelled and are not collected after Friday assembly will be sent to charity.

Student Led Conferences - Celebration of student growth

The purpose of these conferences is a celebration of student achievement. The focus is on students discussing their achievements with their families and reflecting on where they feel they have shown growth and improvement.

Conferences will be held on Wednesday 31st August (WEEK 8) from 3.45 - 6pm.

In order to book in to see your child's amazing achievements you will need to follow the following prompts:

  2. Enter the code - aa7he
  3. Select your child's classroom teacher.
  4. Then select a 10 minute time slot between 3.45 - 6pm. There will be multiple families attending at the same time.

Student Led Conferences are not a traditional parent – teacher interview. As always, if parents and carers would like an interview they are welcome to book in at a suitable time using tiqbiz directly to your teacher or by contacting the office.

What We Teach in English & Our Essential Learnings


From Katie, Year 3 teacher


For more information about NMPS term 3 curriculum across each year level and specialist classes please see the NMPS website: Learning Areas

Music Requests


From Jane & Metta, the music team

A huge thank you to those families who donated guitars and used gift cards for our music program. We were chuffed to receive a fabulous mixture of high quality nylon and steel string acoustics and even an electric bass guitar! Special thanks go out to the families of James from Year 4 and Lily from Year 6 who each donated 2 guitars and many, many thanks also to those who donated anonymously.

We are always very happy to accept musical instruments which you no longer wish to keep as well as recycle your old gift cards to make guitar picks.



School Council News

Biz – E - Kidz program clarification

There seems to be some confusion around the 2017 Biz – E - Kidz program following the report in the previous newsletter (2 August 2016).  The School Council and the Biz – E - Kidz committee would like to provide additional information and clarify the number of positions available in next year's program.

The NMPS Biz – E - Kidz program is currently licensed to accommodate 165 children per session - that is a total of 825 available places across all sessions of after school care per week.  This licence is based on space available within the school, resourcing levels to child ratio, safety consideration and overall logistics.

The proposed 2017 program is based on keeping the program numbers the same per afternoon session, including 30 preps per afternoon session in a separate transitional program. The prep transitional program was successfully implemented for the first time this year with a similar number of children, and was praised by parents for successfully equipping children to adjust from childcare/ kindergarten to after school care. 

The Biz – E - Kidz subcommittee have explored many options to determine how best to accommodate the demand for this well-managed, and fun-filled OSHC program.  The School Council support this proposal, and believe that it is the best way to accommodate the increasing demand for this service, while not compromising the safety of our children and the quality of the care provided.

Changes to advertising in School Newsletter

The Finance Committee recommends that no further advertising be placed in the Errol Street News. Businesses who wish to advertising may provide flyers for display in the school office. Further discussion is taking place on this issue.

Next School Council Meeting date

The next School Council Meeting is on Wednesday 24 August at 6pm. A report from the meeting will be published in the following Errol Street News on Tuesday 30th August.

For the latest School Council report please see the website: School Council Reporting

Parents & Friends Update

Emily & Meg, Parents & Friends Committee

Fathers Day Breakfast on Friday 2nd September 7:30-9:00am
Raffle tickets will be handed to students this Friday 19th August. Sensational prizes to be won.

Spring Fling

Spring Fling Sunday 16 October 2016

NMPS will be participating in the North West Melbourne Spring Fling. The Raglan Street garage will again be the choc-o-block full of secondhand goods and school grown produce from out SAKG Program.

Call for donations of books, box games, computer games, DVDs & CDs.


Biz-E-Kidz Spring School Holiday Program Important Dates 

Biz – E – Kidz is pleased to announce the release of it Spring Holiday Program, now available via the school newsletter, Biz – E – Kidz or please email for a copy
The Biz – E – Kidz Spring School holidays run from 19th September to Monday 3rd October (pupil free day)
Tuesday 16th August: Program Release. The holiday program will be available via Tiq Biz, the school newsletter and Biz – E – Kidz venues.
Monday 22nd August: Holiday program bookings open. Bookings can be made by returning the booking form to Sharon, Eva, Ace or Kelly at Biz-E-Kidz. Please don’t leave forms at the school office or with other staff
Friday 26th August: Holiday Program bookings close. Bookings can still be made after this date, but will be subject to availability and will not be eligible to be considered in the first round of priority of access.
Monday 29th August:  Confirmation of Places. Places in the holiday program or on the wait list will be mailed to families this week.
Friday 9th September: Deposits due and final changes to bookings. (NOT the 17th June as previously stated) All holiday program deposits and before and aftercare fees are due to secure your holiday program booking. Any changes to bookings made after this date will incur a $30 cancellation fee.


Clarification of  2017 Biz-E-Kidz numbers from the  Biz-E-Kidz Sub-Committee can be found on the website here: School Council Reporting


Sharon Goodwin, Coordinator, Biz - E - Kidz
Errol Street North Melbourne Primary OSHC
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne. VIC 3051
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448