Errol Street News #33

29 August 2016


Important Dates  
Message from Sally
Book Week & Relocatable Building Update
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  2016 Super School Restoration Reno Day (SSRR)
  Camp Forms for Year 2 2016 & Year 5/6 2017
  Excellent Eid
  Deeper Learning Mindset at NMPS
  Mobile Dentist Visiting School
  Missing Clothes
What's Been Going On  
  Book Week Report
  Library News
  Report on Screening of 'Most Likely to Succeed'

Year 6 to Matilda The Musical

School Council  
  Response to Request for Meeting Attendance
  Communications Sub-Committee Report
SRC No Report
Sports Girl's Football Award
Parents & Friends  
  Bring a Bloke To Breakfast
  Father's Day Raffle
  Spring Fling Fundraiser Stall

Important Events


Errol Street News


Student Led Conferences


Uniform Committee Clothes Naming Stall today

  Prep Students Excursion to Scienceworks  
2 Year 5 Interesting Sports  

Bring A Bloke to Breakfast

  Junior Assembly Yr 2 Camp Recount 3.15pm

Education Committee Meeting


Division Athletics Competition


Yr2 Scienceworks Camp

Group 3 (2 Alicia & half of 2 Bryony)

7 Prep Incursion KaBoom Sports  
9 Senior Assembly 3.15pm
16 Reports Home  
  Last Day Term 3 1.30pm

Message from Sally

Relocation Building News.
Grove Builders are our firm friends in the building trade. They have worked tirelessly to finish Building 1 now called 'Cloud'.  Building 2 will be delivered shortly. We apologise for any disruption to your pick-up and drop-off routines. With Spring weather arriving it may be a good time to start walking to school.

Book Week
A huge thanks to Katie, our literacy Leading Teacher and Kathy, our Librarian for their inspiration and motivation around book week activities.  On the windows of the gymnasium, students have created a wonderful display of Australian inspired reading.  On the Friday of Book Week, the Character Dress-Up Day was one of the most exciting days in our school year so far. Teachers and families went to tremendous efforts to join in the fun.  By the time the afternoon assembly was underway, the atmosphere was buzzing.   The parade was filled with imaginative and ingenious costumes that had everyone laughing and guessing character names. Suspiciously there were two grumpy Miss Trunchbulls.

Fun Fridays Continue
This week we have another exciting Friday with our first ever whole school spring clean.  including the school yard, corridors and classrooms and Friday is also the date of this year's Bring a Bloke to Breakfast.


Miss Trunchball & Miss Trunchball

Sally Karlovic, Principal

Camp Forms for Years 3 2016 & Years 5/6 2017

Please see following three forms for the 2016 Year 3 Forest Edge camp. These can be uploaded as Word Documents.




The Year 6 Canberra camp following are for this Year 5 students going on camp in 2017.


Year 5 Ski camp forms are for this Year 4 students going on camp in 2017.



Excellent Eid


By By Tibian & Raneem, Year 5 Students

What is Eid? Why do Muslims celebrate it?

Today in this article we will tell you what Eid is. Eid is a celebration for the Muslim community.We celebrate Eid because at the end of Ramadan (Ramadan is where we have been fasting for a month). At the end of Ramadan we get a reward. In Eid we wake up early in the morning and say, "Eid Mubarak" to our family and also our friends. Eid Mubarak means happy Eid. We open up our presents and then we go to the mosque (a mosque is like a church but for Muslims, instead). We pray a special Eid prayer. After that we meet our friends, spend time with family and be nice to our neighbours and family and don't forget about all the lollies you get to eat! Sometimes we even have a barbecue.

Eid goes for 3 days. Eid is also about being nice to people and sharing happiness with others around us. We also remember not to spoil ourselves because we have to think about the other people in countries who have war and have to celebrate with no presents or food. There are two Eids in a year, there is Eid al-adha and Eid al-fitr. (Eid-al-Adha falls on Tuesday, September 13, 2016)

We hope that now you know lots about Eid!

Deeper Learning Mindset at NMPS

Anna-Marie, Leading Teacher

Deeper learning at NMPS is a mindset rather than an initiative. It is the way we design curriculum and teach, it underpins our pedagogy.   As teachers we activate authentic, cross curricular concepts that continually change based on student needs and curiosities to aid student voice and agency.

For further understanding about Deeper Learning at NMPS please look at the following presentation. This has been presented to our school council and those of you who attended the recent screening of Most Likely to Succeed at University High School will find this document relevant.

Deeper Learning Presentation Link

Dentist visiting the school

teeth on wheels normal 2

Our New Partnership

We are happy to announce that our school has partnered up with Teeth On Wheels! Teeth On Wheels are a highly qualified dental team who will be coming out to our school. They press their focus on diminishing dental anxiety by practicing pain free dental treatment. Their mobile clinics are designed to be child friendly, making a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

The onsite dental clinic is able to provide all treatments listed below:

Examination, Scale and Clean, X-rays, Fluoride treatment, Preventative fissure Sealants, Minor Fillings

We highly recommend signing up with this special program to ensure your child's Oral Health needs are met. Consent forms will be sent home shortly. Otherwise see this website for more details:


Missing Clothes?

After the massive collection of lost property that was sorted through last week we discovered that 80% of items did not have a name on them!
The items with names have been returned to their rightful homes but the lost property is collecting very quickly again.

Our Uniform Committee is committed to addressing this issue and will be present at school during first play on Thursday 1st September with a indelible pen to label the clothes of anybody who needs one. If your child’s clothes need a name, ask your child to present themselves to the lost property outside the school office at this time to get their name written on their jackets, jumpers or hats.

Please take the time to go through your child’s items with them and a indelible pen to make sure that any clothes that come to school have your child’s name and a phone number on them to make sure that if lost, they can find their way home again.

Where is lost property?

1.     Office entry

2.     Prep corridor

3.     Outside classrooms

4.     Biz-E-Kids is a good place to look if your child plays on the oval.

Library News

Foundation of Reading

From Kathy, Librarian

The Premiere's Reading Challenge ends this Thursday the 1st of September, so there's just two days to add some fabulous new books and  beautiful classics to your reading score.
Remember you book tallies are:
Prep - 2: read 30 books
3 - 6: 15 books
Don't forget - if you complete the challenge you get to come to a very special party at the end of the year!



Report on Screening of 'Most Likely to Succeed'

Screen Shot 2016 08 01 at 11.50.33 PM

From Genevieve Kelly, Parents & Friends Committee

The NMPS Parents & Friends Association were thrilled with the success of our movie night last week where Uni High Families and NMPS Parents & Friends hosted the film Most Likely to Succeed. The event was held at the impressive Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences, and offered a great chance for the parents who attended to get a sense of the very special spaces for learning that were available at Uni High.

We were were privileged to have Lisel Thomas from Uni High families facilitate a panel discussion with Heather Thompson and Chris Jones, Principal and Assistant Principal of Uni High, Wayne Stephens, an architect who specialises in the planning and design of educations spaces and our Principal Sally Naylor. The discussion allowed the broad thesis of Most Likely to Succeed to be tied to the philosophies of the two schools in a more tangible way. The panel discussed the positive messages of the film and explained the ways that they attempt to address the issues raised, while acknowledging the challenges that these changes can present. While the film highlighted the fact that educational approaches of the past do need to be re-imagined in a modern world, it was the discussions about how this relates to us in North Melbourne and how the two schools attempt to consider this need, that helped make the film relevant to our community.

Following the film and discussion there was the opportunity for attendees to enjoy some wine and cheese, tea and coffee and have a conversation about the movie, our schools, meet new parents and have a catch up. Thank you to all of those members of our school community who attended and to Uni High for providing the hospitality. We look forward to the opportunity to host more events for the parent population of NMPS in the future.

Matilda The Musical excursion report

Matilda Excursion

By Harriet & Emma, Year 6 Students

Last Wednesday the Year 6s (and some lucky Year 5s) went to see Dusty Bursill and Thierry Mendoza in Matilda the Musical.

Both of these talented Year 6s have been playing the roles of Matilda and Nigel in the Melbourne production all of this year. The production was awesome and had us all singing-a-long for days afterwards. It was full of lots of amazing dancing, singing, acting, and acrobatics - plus a bit of Russian. We were amazed at the energy and professionalism of our talented friends! Watching them on stage was such a privilege and honour. We were very proud to say that they are our peers. Their Mummies must definitely think they are a miracle!

We were very proud to see them perform on stage at the Princess Theatre. We hope this is the beginning of a wonderful career in theatre - we are sure they have the talent and skills to go far! Thank you to everyone who helped us to raise money so that we could go, we enjoyed it very much.

If you haven’t seen it already you have to go! It’s at the Princess Theatre until November!

School Council News

School Council Response to Requests to Attend Council & Sub-Committee Meetings.


At the last council meeting it was noted that there has been an increase in the number of inquiries from members of the school community, wishing to attend council meetings as observers.

In keeping with our efforts the make council more open and transparent, the right of parents and carers to attend was affirmed.  It was agreed that this should apply to both council and committee meetings, subject to appropriate rules and conditions.

Obviously the right to attend has to be balanced against the occasional requirements of confidentiality, and the efficient running of council.

As a result, council resolved that the community should be provided with guidelines concerning attendance, so that everyone understands the process, and knows what’s expected of them. These guidelines will be published as soon as precise details have been settled and agreed upon, but certainly well in advance of the next council meeting, scheduled for 19 October.

We look forward to seeing those of you that are interested at our future meetings.


Communications Sub-Committee Report 8 August 2016

Meeting No. 2  8 August 2016

Meeting Date:

08 August 2016

Meeting Location:

Auction Rooms


Megan Cusack, Gen Kelly, Kris Mrksa and Robyn Phelan





Communications survey

General discussion on the Communications Survey report and the key findings and recommendations. A few amendments were made to the recommendations in preparation for presentation to the School Council at the August meeting.

  • Recommendation that the actions from the survey be endorsed and that the survey summary be included in the next newsletter on behalf of the subcommittee.


Overall discussion on possible improvements to the newsletter, and opportunities to adopt changes immediately i.e. table of contents, regular segments in every edition etc. Robyn also provided information on the number of people subscribed to tiqbiz and the email newsletter. Noted that the number of users is quite high number in light of the number of families enrolled in the school.

  • Robyn to start to implement some of the recommended changes to the newsletter immediately.

Communications policy

Robyn noted that she is still seeking feedback on the school's Communication Policy before it is publicised. Subcommittee agreed to review the policy at the next Committee meeting in light of the recommendations in the Communications Survey.

  • Table Communications Policy feedback at the subcommittee meeting on 12 September.

NMPS communication processes

Discussion about the need for an overall communications process to provide families with a better understanding of how enquiries will be managed, the type of response they will receive and the timeframe in which a response is provided. While the process recently produced process goes some way to do achieve this, it needs more substance behind it.

Subcommittee would like the opportunity to talk more with the School Council and Sally about how this process can be enhanced.

  • Recommendation that the subcommittee work with Sally and staff to expand upon the newly proposed communications process - providing further clarity on how enquiries are managed and what families can expect and vice versa to school staff.
  • Megan to provide the subcommittee with a flowchart highlighting a previous enquiry management process.

Next meeting: Monday, 12 September 2016, venue tbc


Next School Council Meeting - Monday 19th October at 6pm

Parents & Friends News

Gen, Parents & Friends Committee

Fathers Day Breakfast THIS Friday 2nd September 7:30-9:00am
We have the BBQs all ready, the sausages ordered, vegie burgers on the way, juices for the kids and a coffee machine rolling in to cater for all the NMPS breakfast needs.

Breakfast kicks off at 7:30 so bring along a special bloke in your life and come on down early on Friday morning.

Fathers Day Raffle
Raffle tickets were sent home to all families last week and need be handed back to your class teacher or the school office by Friday 2nd September. Tickets are $2 each and for those who sell a whole book of tickets (5) there is the chance to win the ticket seller prize!

This year we have been supported by Alex Karbon Real Estate who are sponsoring the Blokes BBQ and the raffle and have supplied the amazing prizes and Bikram Hot Yoga Ascot Vale who have also donated a fantastic prize.

  • 1st prize: iPad mini (16gig)
  • 2nd prize: Signed North Melbourne Football Club Jumper
  • 3rd prize: Bikram Hot Yoga Ascot Vale gift pack
  • 4th prize: JB Hi Fi Voucher  
Spring Fling

Spring Fling Sunday 16 October 2016
NMPS will be participating in the North West Melbourne Spring Fling. The Raglan Street garage will again be the choc-o-block full of secondhand goods and school grown produce from out SAKG Program.

With Spring in the air, now is the time to start the spring clean. We are looking for donations of  books, board games, computer games, DVDs & CDs so while you are clearing the decks in the spring weather, put aside all of your excess games and drop them off at the office for sale at Spring Fling.



Biz-E-Kidz Spring School Holiday Program Important Dates

Bookings have now closed for the Biz – E – Kidz holiday program and conformations have been mailed out.
We still have some spaces available on all days except Monday 19th September and Thursday 29th September.
Places are limited; please see Sharon, Eva, Ace, or Kelly for more information.
Please remember: Friday 9th September -  Deposits due and final changes to bookings. All holiday program deposits and before and aftercare fees are due to secure your holiday program booking. Any changes to bookings made after this date will incur a $30 cancellation fee. 

Sharon Goodwin, Coordinator, Biz - E - Kidz
Errol Street North Melbourne Primary OSHC
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne. VIC 3051
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448

Things to Do

Story Peddlers is the Melbourne Writers Festival children's events happening on Sunday 4th September at the SStory Tellers Tent in Federations Square. 

See here for details and bookings:



Looking for a new activity this school year? Scouting offers fun, adventure and friendship for kids 5-26.

“Scout numbers are booming as parents look for healthy, social options for their children.”—Melbourne Leader, June 2016

Do you enjoy adventure, getting outside and meeting friendly kids who love new challenges? Scouts Victoria has grown over 50% in recent years, led by “a renaissance in the inner suburbs” like Carlton, North Carlton, Princes Hill, Parkville, CBD and Docklands.

The Carlton Scout Group offers Joey Scouts (for kids aged 5-7), Cubs (8-10), Scouts (11-14), Venturers (15-17), and Rovers (18-26). All sections welcome boys and girls. We also welcome volunteers ages 16 and up, and provide nationally-accredited training and credentials.

Our Group re-opened in 2014 and numbers have been growing steadily ever since. We have a very enthusiastic and friendly group.

Joeys meet on Tuesday, 5:15-6:15 pm. Cubs meet Tuesday, 6:30-8 pm. Scouts meet Thursday, 7-9 pm. Kids are welcome to ‘come and try’ on any meeting night, with no obligation. Parents and other adults are also welcome to get involved, and to participate either a little or a lot!

Venturers meet Tuesday evenings in Brunswick or on Thursday evenings in Alphington, and will start meeting in Carlton as soon as we have enough numbers.  Rovers meet Monday 8-10 pm.

All sections except Venturers meet in the historic Scout Hall at 12 Shakespeare Street in North Carlton, between Drummond and Lygon Streets. The building is newly renovated and it’s beautiful!

Scouting is the largest youth organisation in Australia. Membership is for boys and girls of all backgrounds, ages 5-26. Scouting offers activities encouraging the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of young people in a fully inclusive organization. All adults are trained and Police checked, and hold Working With Children cards.

For more information about Scouting, please contact David Hunt, Group Leader, on 0432 129 594 or at


Kensington Junior Basketball Club

Dear NMPS Students and Parents

I wanted to let you know that the 2016/17 Summer Season of basketball will commence in October 2016 in the Westgate Basketball Association.
The Kensington Basketball Club wanted to let you know and invite you to play in this upcoming season.
We are compiling sides now, and would welcome any boys who now have weekends free who would like to play basketball.
We currently have an U14 team, 3 x U16 teams and an U18 team playing in the Winter Season - finals start on Saturday! Depending on numbers, we may register additional teams in this coming season.
There currently is an U12 boys team playing at MSAC, so we would be happy to enter an U12 team in the Westgate competition if we got the required interest and support.
Games are played on a Saturday afternoon at Whitten Oval, Barkley Street, Footscray.
We train on Monday nights at the Flemington Primary School gym - 3 hourly sessions, depending on the age groups.
? 5.30pm - 6.30pm (has been the U14 team)
? 6.30pm - 7.30pm (two U16 teams)
? 7.30pm - 8.30pm (U16 team and U18 team)
If any girls are interested in playing, games are also held on Saturday, usually up to about 1pm. We'd be very keen to enter a girls' team in any level, again, if we got the necessary interest and support.
The season is interrupted from 10 December and restarts when school goes back in February, so school holidays aren't affected by playing commitments.
Age are defined by the age of a player at the 31st of December of the year the season ends in (ie end of 2017).
The age group is therefore defined by the age of the child at 31 December 2017.
For the 2016/17 Summer Season, the years of birth and the applicable age groups are:
? 2008 or 2009 - Under 10s
? 2006 or 2007 - Under 12s
? 2004 or 2005 - Under 14s
? 2002 or 2003 - Under 16s
? 2000 or 2001 - Under 18s
? 1998 or 1999 - Under 20s
Drop me a line if you are interested in participating or call me on 0414 292 470 if you'd like to discuss.
Richard Reilly
President - Kensington Junior Basketball Club


Swimming lessons for kids at NMRC
Our friendly and qualified instructors at North Melbourne Recreation Centre will help your child develop the skills they need to be safe around water.
We value their safety above all else, which is why our lessons will align with the Royal Life Saving’s Swim and Survive program from November.
Group lessons run weekly on a Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning through Term 4 and Term 1. We also offer intensive lessons over January for those wanting to continue swimming over school holidays.
Term 4
Enrolments open: 1 October
Wednesday lessons: 2 November to 14 December
Saturday lessons: 5 November to 17 December.
For further information please contact