Errol Street News Reno Rumble Special Issue

14 November 2016

Reno Rumble Day Outline

What is the Reno Rumble Day?

Also known as the Super School Restoration Renovation Day, this event is a good old fashioned working bee with a educative twist. It is a chance to roll up your sleeves with the students and make significant changes to the outside spaces in our school.

Students will be working throughout the day to clean up the school grounds and create some new features and small additions to the school grounds. Each year level has an allocated area of the school grounds and they have planned projects with their teachers.

Check the Running Sheet following, if you need to target your time.

We also have a team from Deloitte to offer their specialist assistance.

Where to meet?

We'll have a muster station set up in the school office, where you need to sign in and can find out where each year level is working.


What to bring?

  1. Gardening gloves, bucket, rake and/or outdoor broom, all labeled with your name and grade
  2. Sun hat, clearly labeled with your name
  3. Wear old clothes that are sun smart
  4. Sun screen on also mozzie repellent if needed
  5. Enclosed shoes
  6. Gold coin donation at the gate

This project is generated by your School Council and Staff.

Year Level Activities & Times

Reno Rumble 2016 Running Sheet 1
Reno Rumble 2016 Running Sheet 2
Reno Rumble 2016 Running Sheet 3