Errol Street News #38

21 November 2016


Message from Sally

Reno Rumble, Swimming, Locked Gates Update

What's Coming Up?

Important Dates, Zootopia! NMPS Movie Night, Proposed Instrumental Music at NMPS 2017 

What's Been Going On?

2016 Reno Rumble Report,  Year 1 Visit to Werribee Zoo

Library News 

Premiers Reading Challenge Party Dates, Return Books


NMPS Annual Talent Show

School Council 

School Council Meeting Report

Parents & Friends

Fiji Book Drive Thank You, Movie Night Instead of School Disco


Summer Bookings, 2017 Plans

Reno Rumble Gallery More Images
Things To Do North Melbourne Recreation Centre Swimming Lessons, Lost Dogs' Home Appeal, HIPPY

Message from Sally

Crowd At Work RR2016

Reno Rumble

The second Super School Restoration Reno Day (SSRRD) was another huge success.  Nearly 50 parents, grandparents and carers signed up to assist and the event was strategically and successfully managed by Kimalee, Year 2 teacher and Tanja, parent. We were also supported by over 20 wonderful Deloitte Impact day volunteers, and of course all staff and students worked tirelessly all day.
For those who were unable to attend or support the day your ongoing support with litter collection on a daily basis at pick-up or drop off would be greatly appreciated. 
The school looks fantastic and this Thursday we will be ‘showing it all off’ to the Melbourne and Maribyrnong Principal Network meeting attendees. We will also be sharing the SAKGP culinary skills led by our ‘Amazing Sam’ to ensure they are well fed.


Swimming began positively yesterday, thanks to the 'controller of the weather'.
This program is a longstanding and important part of NMPS' curriculum and we use the North Melbourne Pool because it is a local facility and the City of Melbourne give us a small grant to reduce costs. We also value the extra exercise provided by walking to the pool due to the close proximity to school. The swimming program is planned for the end of the year because:

  • The Foundation students would find it more difficult to manage swimming earlier in the year, getting changed etc.,
  • The swimming program causes significant disruption to other lessons and this disruption is minimised when held at the end of the year due to curriculum planning,
  • The start of the school year is too late to teach water safety; many children drown over summer, we believe it is important to give them training at the end of each year,
  • The weather in Melbourne is unpredictable however November/December is possibly less likely to be extreme.

Parent volunteers are invited to assist with the task of getting changed and keeping track of clothing, towels and bags.

Remember, to help your child pack a swimming bag that is appropriate for the weather, drink bottle, hat and sunscreen for hot days, warm clothing for after swimming for cooler forecasts.


Changes to Locked Gates & School Access

As previously announced, the school policy on gate locking is that as many gates as practicable will be locked during the day, while still keeping certain designated gates open, for the purposes of possible emergency evacuation, and in order to facilitate the day-to-day running of the school.
Recent observation has proven that the Murphy Street gate is becoming a dangerous bottleneck on some mornings and afternoons. Given the heavy traffic on that side of the school, it has been decided that the large gate will also be open, during morning and afternoon rush hours.  This gate will be locked after the busy period ends.
Statement from School Council


Sally Portrait 2016 

Sally Karlovic, Principal

Important Dates





Week 1 of Foundation - Year 2 Swimming Program



Year 3 Forest Edge Camp



Year 4 Mt Alexander College Science Excursion



Year 6 Summer Sports



Junior Assembly



Week 2 of Foundation - Year 2 Swimming Program 



Teddy Bears' Picnic Foundation Year






Year 6 Summer Sports



Year 6 Race Around Melbourne



Year 6 Secondary School Orientation Day

All Day


Year 6 Farewell



Week 1 of Year 3 - Year 6 Swimming Program 



Year 6 Interschool Basketball Tournament



Junior Assembly



Zootopia! Movie Night



Week 2 of Year 3 - Year 6 Swimming Program  



Year 6 Fun Day



Senior Assembly



Last Day Term 4

1.30pm finish

Zootopia! NMPS Movie Night

movie poster zootopia 866a1bf2

From the Parents & Friends Committee

Dress up in your PJs, grab your bean bags and picnic gear then settle in on the top oval to watch Zootopia! on a big inflatable screen.

Friday 9 December 2016 - get that date in the diary.

Gates open 7:00pm. Movie starts 8:00pm.


Library News

Library Dahl

Kathy, Library

Premier's Reading Challenge

Congratulations to all students who took part in the Challenge this year. The Premiers’ Reading Challenge Parties will be held on the following days:

  • Year 3-6 on Wednesday 30th November
  • Foundation-Year 2 on Wednesday 7th December

Library Windows

The Library windows are looking sensational thanks to some amazing origami masters. Thank you to Akira, Lilly B., Lily T., Peta, Cherry, Alana, Jocelyn and Katrina from Year 5. Please come along and take a look at their beautiful display.

New band of volunteers

Being a library volunteer is great way to directly contribute to our student's education and get an insight into how our school works.

There are a range of tasks:

  1. reviewing new books;
  2. helping students with selections and returns;
  3. cataloguing;
  4. maintenance and shelving;
  5. gaining experience for School Library Technician qualification!

We urgently require help for a task that needs completion before the end of the year. Many of our non-fiction books are spread throughout classrooms and they need re-cataloguing. Also, new "leader resource" packs are to be created for each year level. If you love sorting and organising, this is a job for you!

Volunteering might be a day a week, a morning a week, or just a couple of hours you have spare. You could work in a team, with a friend or two, or independently.

Simply drop by the library or phone me on 9329 6902 extension 134 or email at if you'd like to find out more.


A reminder that all student Library books are to be returned to the Library by 1st of December.


SRC Committee News


NMPS Talent Show

The annual NMPS Talent Show returns and is happening in Week 8.

Juniors will be performing on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd November. Seniors will perform on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November.

  • $1 per person per performance entry (individual or group performances)
  • Provide music on either USB/ iPad etc or bring a CD
  • Will be held at both lunchtimes
  • Audience is FREE
  • Performances cannot be longer than 2 minutes
  • Prizes will be for each year level and overall group
  • Sign up sheets are located in your classroom
  • Entries close Monday 21st November

All the money raised goes towards the art and drama program at NMPS.

School Council News

School Council Report Meeting 16 November 2016:

Presentation of NMPS Assessment

Following a presentation to the Education Committee earlier this month, NMPS teacher Eve Wilson presented her overview of NMPS Assessment to the School Council. The aim of the presentation was to clarify the assessment processes used at NMPS covering the steps staff go through when determining a student grade. Eve gave examples of the variety of data that was collected and how that data was used to ensure that each student had a fair and accurate representation of their skills and the areas that needed more attention. The Council were impressed to see the level of detail the staff went into and the staff collaboration that was available to ensure the assessments were thorough. The SC feel that this information would be welcomed by the wider school community and have requested that Eve’s presentation be uploaded on to the school website.

NMPS Child Safe Policy

Tyson delivered an update on the progress of the NMPS Child Safe Policy that has been a work in progress over this year and was last presented to Council as an action plan. The policy is ready to be endorsed by the SC and then will be submitted for external endorsement. As the OHS Officer, Tyson also presented the 2017 camp proposals and risk assessments and the SC endorsed the proposal to continue running the camps in 2017 as they had successfully run for this year.

Changes to the Designated Neighbourhood Area (DNA)

As reported in the last SC report in the Errol St News #36, the Council determined it would be beneficial to invite a representative from the DET to attend this SC meeting following the release of the School Provision Review for Docklands Stage Two Report, to explain how proposed changes to the Designated Neighbourhood Area (DNA) for Uni High might impact NMPS. John Stone attended the meeting and confirmed that the change in DNA for Uni High will have no direct impact on our school and that at the moment there are no planned changes to the NMPS DNA. It was highlighted that at NMPS, the strict enforcement of policy where every child who resides in our DNA are eligible to enrol in the school but that those living outside the area are unable to, (including siblings of current students), has seen a dramatic decrease in numbers enrolled from out of DNA. While the enrolment pressures are still likely to be an ongoing issue for NMPS, John confirmed that the Government are actively looking for suitable land to build a new primary school in the area.

Parents & Friends Input

School Council received a summary of the outcomes from the Parents and Carers Forum held on Wednesday 9 November 2016 and will look at the information presented in conjunction with the information gathered from an online survey to the wider school community in the coming weeks.


In general Council business, Biz-E-Kidz reported that the Prep welcome morning tea that was held in the Biz-E-Kidz space provided a positive opportunity for new parents to meet the staff and discuss the outside school hours care. Prep enrolments in the program are very likely all submitted and the applications look like they will all be able to be accommodated again this year. The successful Foundation Year initiation program that allows the new school students to settle in to the Biz-E-Kidz care at their own pace will again be able to run as it has this year. The enrolments for older years were still coming in at the time of the meeting.

School Council will meet next in February 2017.

Biz - E - Kidz

2017 Summer holiday program bookings are open 

Bookings can be made by returning the booking form to Sharon, Eva, Kelly or Ace at Biz-E-Kidz. Bookings forms are available from Biz – E – Kidz or attached to this newsletter.

Some Important dates to note are:
Holiday Program bookings close Friday 25th November at 6pm. Bookings can still be made after this date, but will be subject to availability and will not be eligible to be considered in the first round of priority of access.

Holiday Program confirmation: First week of December. Places in the holiday program or on the wait list will be mailed to families this week.

Deposits Due: Wednesday 13th December. All holiday program deposits and before and aftercare fees are due to secure your holiday program booking. 

Biz – E Kidz in 2017 

Biz – E – Kidz Plans for 2017: The Foundation After School Care Transition Program
Plans are underway to run a Foundation Aftercare Transition program at the beginning of 2017. This will run in a separate location to the Junior and Senior programs (location to be confirmed) and is tailored to assist the foundation students in transitioning safely to Outside of School Hours care.
Outside school hours care is a much different environment to what children are used to at childcare or kindergarten. As children develop they require more choice, challenges, independence and space in a stimulating yet supportive, safe and predictable environment.
To assist with children adapting to this change, the Foundation aftercare transition program has a higher staff-to-child ratio and routines, and spaces, programs and equipment specifically aimed at foundation students.
Biz – E – Kidz Plans for 2017: The Seniors and Juniors Aftercare Program
Due to the success of the split program (Juniors and Seniors) in 2016, Biz - E – Kidz will continue to run separate Junior and Senior aftercare programs in 2017. The juniors aftercare will consist of grades 1 – 3 and will be held in the Biz – E – Kidz building. The seniors will consist of grade 4 – 6 and will be held downstairs in the FLEX. Please note: the grade 3s will stay with the Juniors until around mid-year. At this time, as the Foundation students will transition and join the Juniors aftercare program, the grade 3s will join the Seniors in the FLEX.
All Holiday Program and Before school care will continue to be held in the Biz – E – Kidz building.
If you have not already, please return 2017 enrolment forms to Sharon, Eva, Kelly or Ace at Biz-E-Kidz to make a before or aftercare booking for 2017 


Sharon Goodwin, Coordinator, Biz - E - Kidz
Errol Street North Melbourne Primary OSHC
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne. VIC 3051
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448

Things To Do

HIPPY North Melbourne flyer 2017

North Melbourne Recreation Centre

Term one 2017 and summer intensive enrolments open 1 December!
Our friendly and qualified instructors at North Melbourne Recreation Centre will help your child develop the skills they need to be safe around water. Group lessons run weekly on a Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning through Term 1 2017. We also offer intensive lessons over January for those wanting to continue swimming over school holidays.
Term 1 2017
Enrolments open: 1 December 2016
Wednesday lessons: 1 February 2017 to 22 March 2017
Saturday lessons: 4 February 2017 to 25 March 2017
Summer intensive program focuses on combining stroke development with water safety skills such as survival and rescue techniques. It is designed to equip your child with the skills necessary to be safe and knowledgeable within an aquatic environment.
The program is run as a five day intensive which involves a lesson each day (Monday to Friday)
Summer Intensive
Enrolments open: 1 December
Week one: Monday 9 January 2017 to Friday 13 January 2017
Week two: Monday 16 January 2017 to Friday 20 January 2017
Week three: Monday 23 January to Friday 27 January 2017
For further information please contact


Lost Dogs' Home Call For Christmas Support

Pet Food Urgently Needed!
Woolworths have discontinued their annual pet food appeal for the Lost Dogs' Home.
Canned and dry dog/puppy and cat/kitten food is desperately needed especially with the Christmas holiday period fast approaching.
NMPS would like to help so a wheelie bin will be placed outside the main office doors from Monday 28th November and all donations of food would be greatly appreciated by The Lost Dogs' Home residents.
Thank you,
Amanda Saill