Errol Street News #39

05 December 2016


Message from Sally

Farewells & Thank You

What's Coming Up?

Important Dates, Zootopia! NMPS Movie Night, Compass Update, Musical Assemblies, BYO iPad Program

What's Been Going On?

Assessment Data Results, Victorian Schools Garden Awards, Teddy Bears' Picnic-Foundation Camp Experience, Foundation Year Swimming Reflections

Library News 

Book Return Reminder, Thank You to Helpers

School Council 


Parents & Friends

Farewell Message from Meg Moorhouse


Summer Holiday Program

Of Interest
6th Melbourne Scouts Christmas Tree Sale, NMRC Swimming Program, Free Dental Treatment

Important Dates





Year 6 Secondary School Orientation Day

All Day


Year 6 Farewell



Week 1 of Year 3 - Year 6 Swimming Program 



Year 6 Interschool Basketball Tournament



NMPS Choir, NMPS Orchestra and Marimba Band (Junior School Assembly)



Zootopia! Movie Night



Week 2 of Year 3 - Year 6 Swimming Program  



Year 6 Fun Day



NMPS Senior Rock Band (Senior School Assembly)



Step Up Day 1 & 2 -Students Go to 2017 Grades



Last Day Term 4

1.30pm finish

Zootopia! NMPS Movie Night

2016 NMPS Zootopia flyer

From the Parents & Friends Committee

Tickets here:

or at the office, or on the night.

Doors open at 7 pm - film shown on the inflatable screen either on the grassketball courts if its fine or in the hall if it's showery. 

Tickets $5 single or $20 family (4+)

BYO picnic, beanbags, onesies etc. Popcorn and icy-poles for sale.

Compass Update

Foundation Artwork 2016

From Anne Wrigley, Business Manager - Finance

By now all parents should have received their ‘welcome’ letter to Compass. If you have not received your letter please contact the school office.
This letter has your individual log in details -  your user name and password.
Compass is a new software package we have introduced at the school.
Compass allows parents to access up-to-date and meaningful information about our school and your child’s progress.
Compass includes many different features, including the ability to:

  • Monitor your child’s attendance, and enter an explanation for absence
  • Communicate with your child’s teachers, and update your family contact details
  • View your child’s timetable and the school calendar
  • Monitor your child’s homework and assessment tasks
  • Download and view your child’s progress and semester reports
  • Book parent-teacher conferences
  • Pay and provide consent for events (excursions and camps) and school fees.

Our school will advise parents when each of these features becomes available for parent use.
You now have the ability to pay school fees via compass (as a lump sum or 4 equal payments) as well as the usual forms of payment bPay, eftpos or cash

Image: Foundation Year Self Portraits

Upcoming Musical Assemblies

music classroom band

Come and help us celebrate the achievements of the 2016 music ensembles!

Week 10 - Friday 9th December - NMPS Choir, NMPS Orchestra and Marimba Band (Junior School Assembly)

Week 11 - Friday 16th December - NMPS Senior Rock Band (Senior School Assembly)

Bring Your Own (BYO) iPad Program

At North Melbourne Primary School we are committed to giving students the best possible start to their education: building skills for the future, not the past. We embed technology throughout the curriculum and provide new opportunities for students to represent their thinking, clarify ideas, make connections, identify patterns, and reflect on their thinking across the curriculum.

We have been successfully running a Bring Your Own (BYO) iPad program for Grade 3-­6 students for several years. Students are able to bring a personally owned iPad to school and use it to enhance their learning opportunities. The BYO iPad program forms part of the School’s Strategic Plan to create highly engaged, personalised learning environments. Students are given the opportunity to become digitally fluent, become responsible users of technology and develop skills that will prepare them for high school and beyond.

North Melbourne Primary School is proud to present the Apple Family Funded iPad Program - an initiative to help facilitate the purchasing of an iPad for grade 3-6 students.

Apple offers special iPad pricing for parents of students attending North Melbourne Primary School. Financing is also available.

For full details and how to apply please go to our website here: BYO iPad Program


Victorian Schools Garden Awards

Sophie & Sam Victorian School Garden bamboo garden
Sophie & Sam Victorian School Garden Boab Tree
Sophie & Sam Victorian School Garden Award

By Sophie Lin & Sam Carlisle Year 4

We started the day by leaving school on the 59 tram and then we got off at Flinders Street and walked to Federation Square and rode another tram to get to the Royal Botanic Gardens. On the way we talked about how excited we were and wondered what would be there.

We arrived at the gardens just in time. We sat down and ate a little lunch. Then we learned about the Aboriginals and plants. We watched a smoking ceremony and then the awards started. We felt very proud for our school when they called out our name. We got up to the stage, the presenter gave us the $1000 prize and the award for 'The Most Engaging Garden for Learning'. The photographer took a photo of us.

After the awards we had a bit of fun, we made seed balls, looked through microscopes at insects and plants. Sophie even made a plant crown. We went into the children's garden. There's a mini river and we put little boat leaves into it and followed them until the end. There was a pond too with lots of dragonflies around it. Then we went back to our school by tram.

It was a really good experience and a wonderful day.


From Kimalee, Teacher Year 2

On Tuesday 29 November members of NMPS attended the Victorian School Garden Awards which were established by Paul Crowe OAM and the late Kevin Heinze in 1977.

It is with great pleasure and pride that we accepted the award for the 'Most Engaging Garden for Learning. The award includes a prize of $1000 in the form of a voucher we can spend at a selection of garden nurseries.


Kimalee's Powerpoint Presentation for the Awards

Upload presentation here: 2016-Victorian-School-Garden-Awards-Kimalees-Presentation-NMPS.pptx

Library News

vintage home interior ceramic cute little christmas elf reading a book w tag 622b7bf6cdf640f578822315ef3f6c79

Kathy, Library

A reminder that all Library Books must be returned to the Library as soon as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents who have volunteered in the Library this year.

Wishing the entire school community a happy holiday season.



School Council News

From Megan, Communication Committee

NMPS is considering trialling a New Family Buddy System in 2017, and is seeking expressions of interest from families or individuals who would like to be "buddies" to new families. This will be pursued further at the beginning of 2017.

For all reporting from the NMPS School Council please go to our school website here:

School Council Reporting

Parents & Friends News

Meg Charlie Fergus

Farewell From Meg Moorhouse

Finally - this is a sad farewell from me as I leave NMPS, having somehow grown up two boys who are both at high school next year, I need to hand the Parents & Friends reins over to a very experienced team led by Gen and Georgette.  My deepest thanks for your enthusiasm, help, talent and friendship over many years. 

See you in the 'hood'.

Q & A with Meg Moorhouse, Parents & Friend Coordinator

Meg is signing off from 9 years of fundraising & event involvement.  She has led the Parents and Friends committee for the past three years and apparently her Year 6 son is tired of waiting for her to finish ‘important chats’ every pick up! We asked her a few questions as she prepares to farewell the school.

Why did you get involved in Parents and Friends in the first place?

My mum had a history of running things at the little country school I went to.  This was both fun and embarrassing for my sister and I (stealing liquorice from the canteen was one benefit), so I had a good role model.  I can remember as a new prep parent sitting at a training for volunteers at NMPS telling the legendary teacher Mary Marchi how much I loved a good fete.  Once that was out in the open I was not allowed to forget it.  Plus my fondest memories of my own school day are the concerts, sports days, parent reading in classrooms and fetes. I wanted to ensure my kids, and my friends’ children, had a similar experience.  Also, I do love planning a good party.

What sort of things have you been involved in?

We have an established diary each year of events such as the bi-annual fetes and arts festivals, the Mother's Day stall and Father’s Day Bloke's Breakfast, book fairs, Spring Fling and working bees.  We also usually run parent social nights like the trivia nights, and an end of year bash, like the disco or film nights.  There are always many other important happenings that are instigated by teachers where they need some volunteers and help.  Our work has become more complex, as numbers have doubled since my first son started school.  Parents & Friends have moved from chocolate drives and hot cross bun sales towards much bigger events, requiring huge logistics, advertising, sponsorship and the like.

What are the events that particularly stand out in your memory?

Nothing is going to beat the 150th celebration of the school for sheer community participation. It was spectacular to see nearly all the children, staff and parents parading up to Errol Street in bonnets, knickerbockers and pinafores being clapped by the locals and having such fun.  I also loved raising money for our chickens (that hatched in the Italian classroom) and magnificent chook house (sadly now a fun memory).  Overseeing two fetes was a personal accomplishment, they stretched me beyond my imagination and left me with somewhat traumatised memories of flying marquees, rain squalls, lists upon lists, thousands of emails, but also a huge amount of pride and some extremely solid friendships.  My favourite memories of the fetes include wet kids and their parents throwing hay, dancing into the night on the oval to the band, the beautiful cake stalls, amazingly novel side show alley games created by the kids and their talented teachers, and the army of henna, face and nail painters.  Mention of a disco brings up similar mixed feelings of the nerves involved in keeping track of over-excited little people, and the sheer joy of watching them dance with their classmates, after dark.  I’ve loved the simple gatherings too like Craft Addict working bees and preserve cooking days, selling hand made gifts to the kids, and watching dads arrive with their children for breakfast.  The trivia nights have been hilariously fun, it is always good to see grown ups in dress up! 

Any disasters, any nightmares?

Of course.  The disco lady who arrived late necessitated us to entertain 200 little people, very hyped up for half an hour – not my forte.  The food van that ripped us off and served under cooked hamburgers – that was a low point.  And I can’t count how many events have had significant rain deluges right in the middle, but us Melbournians soldier on.  I’m not a good sleeper and before the last fete I was very stressed – I crept home for a half hour nanna-nap on the day and in that time the animal farm wanted to cancel, the marquees were rearranged by a wind storm, rain was lashing the slow cooking spit roast, cakes were arriving, rides were blowing around, our handyman had disappeared in a huff, and the weather report had turned nasty.  I reappeared to our calm team of volunteers who were sorting it all out.  I had a few tears but the fete itself was amazing.  Mostly we’ve survived but at the time it feels like a disaster when you’ve got lots of people relying on you!  I keep reminding myself that it's all in the name of good will and good intentions and have tried to keep it in perspective.

Are there other benefits from being involved in P&F?

I’ve really enjoyed the camaraderie of good people who are behind all these ‘extra curricular’ events at NMPS.  Being part of a very talented team of people (both parents and staff) is a terrific experience.  They are ‘can do’ people who roll their sleeves up and continually say ‘YES’.  I’ve got to know most of the wonderful teachers, cleaners, handymen, and office staff.  This has given me great faith that our kids are in expert and caring hands. 

I’ve also got to know my childrens’ friends really well, and seen them at all times of the day but also I now know a range of other kids which has been such a bonus.

I also think that having fun as a volunteer at NMPS has kept me sane and fulfilled my creative drive, it served as a balance to my ‘real’ job in social work.  Belonging to P&F has allowed me to be playful, to look forward to events, and try my hand out at different skills.  These include running meetings, promotion, budgeting, project management, liaising with local businesses, managing databases, on line bookings, MC'ing, and volunteer coordination.   I have no doubt these skills are with me for life now.  An experience I may not have got in my paid employment.

Plus, the best feeling is when I visit the library, the kitchen, the garden, or sit in a multi-coloured rainbow bench at school, look at the new uniforms, or sports equipment I feel connected, knowing our fundraising, our projects, and our working bees have really made a difference.

Final words?

Running events at school is a team sport!  My thanks to some particular people - firstly the other parents who have been on Parents and Friends and sub committees with me –special mentions to Diana, Kristina, Kate, Gen and Robyn.  Our business community – sponsors and doners of wonderful North Melbourne and Parkville! The many good people who have stepped up when I’ve cornered them at the school gates and asked them for help – thanks for not running when you’ve seen me!  The members of school council who work closely with P&F.  All of those enthusiastic staff who have been so ready to help – especially Kathy, Jean, Anne, Sandra, Mustafa, Eric and Sally. 

And of course my long suffering kids Fergus, and Charlie and my ever-ready and super tolerant partner David.

One last request.

The school experience would be much poorer without the events organised by P&F.  I’m sure some people scan the newsletter and think these events somehow ‘just happen’...assuming someone on staff organised them maybe.  And we do have a diverse and eventful calender. Without the volunteer-run school council and Parents & Friends Committee most of these simply wouldn’t occur.  Please join in as a volunteer when you can, simply flipping sausages is important.  Primary school is a fleeting moment in our lives, but so significant for our kids. Be a part of it.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no person can sincerely try to help another without helping himself/herself” (Ralph Walko Emerson).  I’m a much richer person for being part of this NMPS community for the past nine years. My thanks and best wishes to you all.

Image: Meg with her boys when they were ‘little’ - Charlie in Year 2 & Fergus first day of prep, Feb 2010.


Biz - E - Kidz

Summer 2017 plan
Summer 2017.2
Summer 2017.3

2017 Bookings

Confirmations for 2017 are now in the mail and should arrive this week. If you have submitted an enrolment form and booking but not received a confirmation by Wednesday, please get in touch with Sharon on the details below. If you have not yet submitted a 2017 booking, please do so as soon as possible. We have been able accommodate all bookings to date, but now only have limited spaces available. Please note that fees need to be paid in full by Wednesday 14th December to secure places.

Biz – E – Kidz closed over the holidays

Biz – E – Kidz will close at 6pm on the last day of school, Tuesday 20th December.  On the last day of school, Biz – E – Kidz will be operational from 1:30pm when school finishes and close at 6pm as usual. Biz – E – Kidz will be closed from 6pm Tuesday 20th December until the summer holiday begins on Monday the 9th January.

Summer holiday program

Although summer holiday program bookings have closed, there are still some places available in the Summer holiday program. To make a booking please fill in a booking form, (attached or available at Biz – E – Kidz) and return it to Biz – E – Kidz Sharon, Eva, Kelly or Ace to check availability of the requested days. 

New email address in 2017

As of the beginning of 2017, Biz – E – Kidz will be retiring its old email address ( and using the new and improved address  Between now and then, there will be some overlap with the view to phasing the old address out in 2017. 

Thank you and happy holidays

On behalf of everyone at Biz – E – Kidz, I’d like to thank all the families, the school, children and the community for their support in 2016. It’s been a big year at Biz – E – Kidz with increased growth and changes to programs, and it has been this support and feedback that has made these changes possible. Most of all I’d like to thank the educators and other Biz – E – Kidz staff; your tireless enthusiasm, creativity, support and genuineness was instrumental in not only the success of the year, but the day to day running of the service.
Have a safe and happy holidays.


Sharon Goodwin, Coordinator, Biz - E - Kidz
Errol Street North Melbourne Primary OSHC
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne. VIC 3051
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448

Things To Do

260815 Teaching Clinic kids
Christmas Tree

North Melbourne Recreation Centre

Term one 2017 and summer intensive enrolments open 1 December!
Our friendly and qualified instructors at North Melbourne Recreation Centre will help your child develop the skills they need to be safe around water. Group lessons run weekly on a Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning through Term 1 2017. We also offer intensive lessons over January for those wanting to continue swimming over school holidays.
Term 1 2017
Enrolments open: 1 December 2016
Wednesday lessons: 1 February 2017 to 22 March 2017
Saturday lessons: 4 February 2017 to 25 March 2017
Summer intensive program focuses on combining stroke development with water safety skills such as survival and rescue techniques. It is designed to equip your child with the skills necessary to be safe and knowledgeable within an aquatic environment.
The program is run as a five day intensive which involves a lesson each day (Monday to Friday)
Summer Intensive
Enrolments open: 1 December
Week one: Monday 9 January 2017 to Friday 13 January 2017
Week two: Monday 16 January 2017 to Friday 20 January 2017
Week three: Monday 23 January to Friday 27 January 2017
For further information please contact