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27 March 2017


Message from Sally - Student Conferences, Annual Implementation Program, Staffing News


Coming Up - Student Conferences Info, Pyjamas Day, Proposed Pedestrian Crossing, Parent & Community Involvement Request


News from the Classroom - Year 2 - The Hive
School News - Swimming Championships, Ophelia & Ava, Year 6 Excursion, Cross Country Championships, Library


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ANZAC DAY - no school



Pyjamas Day - Year 6 Fundraiser

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Foundation visit by Fire Brigade#2



Student Led Goals Conferences



Round 1 Year 6 Interschool Sports



Parents & Friends Meeting


31-2 June

Year 4 Angelsea Camp





Last Day term 3  

Student Led Conferences

To help understand the purpose and what will be occurring during your evening conference,we have created the following information.


For students at NMPS to share their learning goals and to articulate the process and strategies they will use achieve them.

Please note the creation of these goals comes from teacher conferencing, student work and learning outcomes.

Teacher Role Throughout the Year:

  • Help students develop personal learning goals that are challenging but achievable.
  • Regularly conference with students regarding their goals throughout the year, providing the tools and strategies that will help their progress.
  • Provide feedback and set additional goals when required.

Roles for the Student Led Conference:




Present Goals

Assist students to develop their ‘script’

Listen to goals

Explain why they have chosen such goals

Facilitate group discussions

Ask your child questions about their learning e.g.

Can you give me an example?

How have you worked towards this?

What are you most proud of?

Show me something you have worked hard on?

Discuss how they intend to achieve the goal

Prompt students if required


Present any work that is relevant

Raise specific learning needs with parents for future discussion.


Questions: If you still have any questions or concerns please remember you are always welcome to contact teachers via email or compass to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Due to the time frame of the student led conference evening, it is not the best time to make such appointments.


Term 2 Curriculum Updates

Year level and specialist curriculum descriptions for term 2 are currently being updated on our website. Go to LEARNING

to research your area of interest.



Proposed Pedestrian Crossings

City of Melbourne letter
Proposed Pedestrian Crossings



Parent and Community Involvement at NMPS - Skills and Career Survey

As part of our work in the New Pedagogies for Deeper Learning initiative and as stated in our Annual Implementation Plan we want to foster more parent and community engagement within our learning at NMPS.

We would love to harness your expertise and passions so we can make authentic links within our curriculum and have more parent involvement.

In order to start this we thought a database that could be shared with teachers would be helpful so they can get in touch with you directly. We would greatly appreciate you hitting on the link below and taking a few quick minutes to complete the survey.

Parent and Community Career, Skills and Passions Survey

Western Metro Region 2017 Division Swimming Championships.

Swimming Championships

On Tuesday March 21st, 20 enthusiastic North Melbourne Primary School athletes boarded a bus for the St Albans Leisure Centre for the Western Metro Region Swimming Championships. Despite the gloomy weather conditions the atmosphere amongst the group was electric.

Admirably, the support showed by the group towards each other was typical of the North Melbourne spirit, with cheering and chanting certainly inspiring some outstanding results, nineteen of our twenty students placed in their races.


  • Charlie Barr, 1st in the under 9/10 backstroke and butterfly. 2nd in the 12/13 medley Relay and 3rd in the 9/10 freestyle relay.
  • Hristina Athanasopalos, 2nd in the under 11 breaststroke and 3rd in the under 11 freestyle relay.
  • Charlie Foster, 3rd in the under 11 breaststroke and 3rd in under 11 freestyle relay.
  • Lily Tran, 2nd in the under 12/13 breaststroke and 1st in the 12/13 relay
  • Adam Liang, 3rd in the under 12/13 breaststroke and 2nd in the under 12/13 medley relay and 3rd in the under12/13 freestyle relay
  • Owen Cheung, 2nd in the under 11 butterfly and 3rd in the under 11 freestyle relay
  • Aidan Truong 3rd in the 9/10 freestyle relay
  • Daniel Chung 3rd in the 9/10 freestyle relay
  • Luca Connaughton 3rd in the 9/10 freestyle relay
  • Kaitlyn Chen, 3rd in the under 11 freestyle relay
  • Amelie Coulson Wiegard, 3rd in the under 11 freestyle relay
  • Coco Moore, 3rd in the under 11 freestyle relay
  • Oliver Hermans, 3rd in the 9/10 freestyle relay
  • Louis Fink-Jensen, 3rd in the 9/10 freestyle relay
  • Lilly Brett, 1st in the 12/13 freestyle relay
  • Brie Roberts,1st in the 12/13 freestyle relay
  • Chloe Fox, 1st in the 12/13 freestyle relay
  • Andy Gong, 3rd in the under 12/13 medley relay
  • Justin Liu, 3rd in the under 12/13 medley relay

A special mention must go to Clementine Maidment who placed fourth in the 9/10 breaststroke swim despite feeling unwell and having to spend a couple of hours in the first aid room before mum managed to come and collect her from the pool.

For those swimmers who finished first or second in their individual events, and 1st in their relay, we wish good luck as they move onto compete next Tuesday the 28th at the Western Region Metropolitan Swimming Championships in Geelong.

Ophelia and Ava - A Report About Two of Our Students

Beanie friends
Shaved friends

By Emily, Year 6

Outstanding Australians

Ava and Ophelia have only been friends for a year, but there is already a strong bond between them. At the end of 2016 the two friends decided that they wanted to make a difference. They decided to shave their heads to raise money for cancer.

In week three of term one 2017, they chose the date of the shave: Friday the 24th March. Ava and Ophelia had to get sponsored by family, friends and teachers to raise enough money to help people with cancer. They made a grand total of $500.

These friends are grateful that they made the choice of shaving their heads and they have no regrets. The girls hope that they inspired many to do the same and to shave their heads these holidays.


Year 6 Excursion Report - Global Pathways

By Inez , Year 6

On Wednesday the 29th of March all of the Year 5’s and Year 6’s went to Trinity College (which is connected to the University of Melbourne).  We went there for a event called 'Global Pathways', which is run by multicultural University students. It is all about sharing cultures with other students. On the way to Trinity College, nearly all of the year 6 students were admiring their future school University High.

When we finally got to Trinity College, we went into the chapel to see and listen to a very big organ (the instrument). We went out onto the grass area after listening to Star Wars theme song to get are 'passports' so we could travel to every country and get our prize at the end! There was heaps of things to do and eat. For example, at the Australian stall we got to have some fun with classic football (AFL) or at Indian the stall we got to play hopscotch. In the middle of our trip there was a flash mob that was partly revealed at the start.

After a day of running around after we all got our prize a global pathways lanyard or a global pathways t-shirt we were all ready to go.

Overall, we had a fun day and got to learn about different countries.

Ascot Vale District Cross Country Championships

2017 Cross Country Champions

On Friday March 24th, 36 unbelievably fit and enthusiastic students hopped on a bus bound for Aberfeldie Park to participate in the Ascot Vale District Cross Country Championships.

Those selected to represent North Melbourne were quietly confident of good performances, as many had been putting in a lot of training and boy did it pay off!

Paul’s job on the day was to ride the bike out in front of the runners so they would follow the correct path and he was extremely happy to see that many of the pace setters were students from NMPS.  In fact our runners competed so well that we were the victors on the day. Go North Melbourne! This now makes it a 3peat.

The following students did not place in the top ten, however, their collective efforts and points helped ensure the NMPS team was the best performed on the day.

Charlie Saville, Felix Mcarthur, Felix Barnard, Kai Jamieson, Harry Karunajeewa, Alexander Mcarthur, Lily Tran, Lilly Brett, Arina Yao, John Mclennan, Oscar McBratney-Owen, Jai Hemsley-Oades, Georgia Karunajeewa, Sadia Bursill, Clementine Maidment, Alyssa Vg, Amelia Phan, Charlie Barr, Luca Connaughton, Aisen Harris, Ben Mcarthur, Ellen-Emma Ferrai, Natalie Chandler, Zoe Roberts and Odile Roberts-Campello.

With respect to top 10 finishes we had some wonderful results.

James Brunton-Yeung 10th in the 12/13 Boys.

Mei-Lian Wyithe 1st, Finn Chandler 3rd, and Lily Tran 10th in the 12/13 Girls.

Sid Rogers 1st, Harley Payn 2nd, Muc Choekun 11 Boys.

Liberty Mills 3rd in the 11 Girls.

Daniel Chung 8th and Dylan Fielding 10th in the 9/10 Boys.

Alice Hessia 5th and Ella Hamilton 6th in the 9/10 Girls.

We await to hear the final confirmation for which athletes will go through to the next stage and wish those who do all the best of luck – keep up the hard training.

Once again, a big congratulations to the North Melbourne Cross Country Team.


Please remember to cancel!
A reminder to families of the importance of letting Biz – E – Kidz know if your child will not be attending afterschool care, including if they were absent from school or went home early. The school and teachers are unable to inform Biz – E – Kidz of  a child’s absence and children are not allowed to cancel themselves.
To inform us that your child will not be attending please phone 9329 5529 and speak to staff or leave a message or phone or text 0400 838 448 BEFORE 3pm if possible.
Eligible for childcare benefits or Rebate?
To claim a childcare benefit discount or rebate on your  Biz – E – Kidz fees, please ensure that you provide Biz – E – Kidz with the Customer reference number and dates of birth of both the parent claiming CCB / CCR and the child. All children and parents have separate individual Customer reference numbers and all are required for us to claim Child care benefits and rebates.
How to pay your Biz – E – Kidz Bill using BPay
As all Biz – E – Kidz payments go through the school, your individual customer and the school’s BPay number are available by contacting the school on 9329 6902 or These numbers are also on the fee statement issued by the school at the beginning of the year.
As there is no way that the school is able to see what the money paid via BPay is for specifically, families must email the school on to inform them that the payment made is for Biz - E - Kidz, what the Biz - E - Kidz family ID number is and how much they have paid.
Payments can also be made by cash, cheque, credit card or EPTPOS at the school office.
If you have any questions regarding payments, please see Sharon or contact her on the details below.
Sharon Goodwin
Biz - E - Kidz
Errol Street North Melbourne Primary OSHC
210 Errol Street,
North Melbourne
VIC 3051
ph (03)9329 5529
Mob 0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.

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