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05 June 2017



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Drop Off & Pick Up Behaviour, AADC Fundraiser, Lunch time Clubs List

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Kids Teaching Kids - Milk Bottle Tops Donations, Tournament of Mind Team, Year 1 Sea Animals Incursion

Welcome Sara From Italy, Inside Year 5 in the Lower Flex, Library News. 

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Errol Street News  
7 Year 2 Healesville Sanctuary Excursion  
9 Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting 8am
  Year 6 Interschool Sport  
  Junior Assembly 3pm


Queens Birthday Holiday No School


Year 5 Excursion to Sovereign Hill  


Parents & Friends Meeting (amended date) 7pm
  Finance Meeting 6pm
16 Year 6 Interschool Sports  
  Senior Assembly 3pm


Errol Street News  


School Council Meeting  


Semester 1 Reports  


Last Day term 3  1.30 finish

Drop Off & Pick Up - Behaviour Change Urgently Required

Kiss & Drop Process

With over 700 students to get in and out of the school gate in a 15 minute window morning and afternoon, we really require co-operation from our parents and carers to help keep traffic moving smoothly and ensure the safety of our students. Previous newsletter notices reminding drivers of the systems we have in place around the school seem to have failed to result in any significant change in driving and parking behaviour from many of our parents and carers. As a result we are very concerned about the dangerous driving and parking habits around our school. In the past week, Melbourne City Council Parking Officers have regularly been in attendance at the school during the busy morning and afternoon times and as a result, many drivers have been booked for failing to obey traffic and parking laws.

Do's & Don'ts For Dropping Off & Picking Up

  • Keep the pedestrian crossing clear – parking is not allowed within 20 metres of a crossing so that children and the crossing guards can be seen safely
  • Do not double park – it restricts the flow of traffic and makes it much more difficult to see children who often move unpredictably around such traffic
  • Get your children to use the kerbside door – having children exit the car from the road side in such congested streets is a serious danger
  • Respect the parking signs – they are designed to improve safety and to allow the best use of the streets for the conditions
  • Model good road-user behaviour
  • Use the Kiss and Drop Zone as designed – it is not a parking zone and leaving your car here means that other parents cannot use the quick drop off point leading to more congestion in our overcrowded street and a temptation for everyone to double park in order to make a quick drop.

How to use Kiss & Drop Zone – Murphy Street

1.     Drive as far as you can towards the end of the yellow rectangle

2.     Stop and get your children organised

3.     Say goodbye and let them enter the school gate

4.     Drive away immediately to let the next family stop

Alternatively and preferably, walk your children to school or at least part way to school. This will help reduce the traffic around the school and be safer for everyone.

Lunchtlme Clubs






Time (preferred)

Year group(s)

Orchestra Jane Music Room 1 Monday 2nd lunch All welcome but regular attendance required
Senior Choir Metta Music Room 2 Tuesday 2nd lunch      
Music Practise Club Metta Music Room 1 Wednesday 2nd lunch      
Junior Choir Jane Music Room 2 Thursday 2nd lunch Years F-2    
Marimba Band Metta Music Room 1 Thursday 2nd lunch      
Rock Band Jane Music Room 1 Friday 2nd lunch Yrs 5-6 only - by audition  
Juggle Club Lucille The Hive Monday 2nd lunch 1.30pm All welcome. First 15-20 students.
Skate Club Jack Southside Wednesday 1:20 PM All welcome. First 15 students    
Kids Teaching Kids Sophie Upper Cloud Thursday 2nd lunch 6    
Eco Warriors Sophie and Matt Upper Cloud Friday 2nd lunch 3-6    
Drama Club Annelise Flex/Upper Comm Thursday 2nd lunch 5-6 T2 onwards  
Library Josie & Nat Library Thursday 2nd lunch All welcome    
Gardening Joanna NMPS Garden                  Tuesday 2nd lunch                             Grade 1 up    
Tournament of Minds (team members only) Jaimi Lower Cloud Monday 2nd lunch TOM team only    
Fun Club Trist - Run by Callum 6A Upper Comm Thursday 2nd lunch 4,5,6    
Film Club Emily Upper FLEX (Studio) Wednesday 2nd lunch 6    




Welcome Sara From Italy

Italian Assistant 2017

National Awareness Week for AADC Fundraiser Wrap Up

AADC CertificateofHope teddyblueblank
AADD Fundraiser Crowd

From Parent Bec, her children Khaleed & Jahleel

Wow!! Blue Day for AADC Research! What an amazing day! Just look at the image above to see the school turn out for this fundraiser.

Thank you to all of the parents that baked yummy cakes (well, I heard they were yummy) made slime etc & sent their kids to school with gold coins. Thank you to Genevieve Kelly, Mandy Coulson, Eve from Year 3 & Mike from the school council & all of the kids for helping move things along with the fundraiser & everyone else that helped organise it and to all of the kids for wearing a sea of Blue. It was so amazing and heart warming to see. A special Thanks to Khaleed, who took charge with helping organize his friends into doing their parts for the fundraiser!

This is a super rare disease as we only have 131 kids in the World diagnosed & Jahleel is the second diagnosed kid in Australia. In 10 short years the only Research Centre in the World for AADC has funded so much research that we are trialling Gene Replacement Therapy with Amazing & Life changing results so far! This year so far from this campaign around the World the AADC Trust has raised nearly $70 000 with more monies still to be added!! Your donations make a difference to our family's life & we thank you for them.



Child not attending Biz – E – Kidz, Let Biz – E – Kidz Know.

A reminder to families to get in touch with Biz – E – Kidz on 9329 5529 or 0400 838 448 to let us know if your child is not attending after school care. We chase up any no –shows as missing, which can be stressful and time consuming. 


Holiday program bookings are open

Holiday Program bookings opened Monday and will close this Friday 9th June. 

Bookings can still be made after this date, but will be subject to availability and will not be eligible to be considered in the first round of priority of access.


Monday 12th June: Places in the holiday program or on the wait list will be mailed to families this week.

Friday 23rd June All holiday program deposits and before and aftercare fees are due to secure your holiday program booking. Any changes made after this date will incur a $30 per child / per day fee

Please note: there was an error on previously published winter 2017 holiday programs. The incursion on Thursday 6th of July is a magic show and workshop, NOT karaoke machine. 


Important information about Child care benefits and rebate

Biz – E – Kidz requires the following information for families to be able to claim Child Care Benefits (CCB) or the Child Care Rebate (CCR) for children attending Biz – E – Kidz:

CRN – Customer reference number supplied by the Department of Human Services or the Family Assistance Office, Parent claiming CCB and all children have DIFFERENT CRNs. Please ensure they are not mixed up.
DOB - Date of birth of the parent claiming CCB and the child/ren.
Number of children in care: This is the total number of children in care across all services. 

The best way to relay the above information is to send a copy of your child care benefit statement to Biz - E – Kidz on the email address below


How to pay your Biz – E – Kidz Bill via BPay

As our payments go through the school, your individual customer and the school’s BPay number are available by contacting the school on 9329 6902 or These numbers are also on the fee statement issued by the school at the beginning of the year. 


As there is no way that the school is able to see what the money paid via BPay is for specifically, we ask that families email the school on to inform them that the payment made is for Biz - E - Kidz, what the Biz - E - Kidz family ID number is and how much they have paid.


Sharon Goodwin, Coordinator
Biz - E - Kidz
Errol Street North Melbourne Primary OSHC
210 Errol Street, North Melbourne, VIC 3051
ph (03)9329 5529 Mob 0400 838 448
Sharon’s office hours are Monday – Wednesday, 10am – 1pm. (except on school holidays) If your email is urgent or regarding a booking or cancellation for the same day, please call 9329 5529 to speak to a staff member or leave a message. Thank you.


Things To Do

100 Story Holidays 3 & 5 July 

Two COMPLETELY NEW workshops for children aged 7-11 years. We've also teamed up with our friends Footscray Community Arts Centre to put together one handy flyer for students about holiday workshops at both our creative spaces. You can download flyers and jpegs for your school bulletins or noticeboards here.

Level 87 Book Club 13 July

Any young people with an interest in reading is invited to join Level 87 Book Club for a FREE book/film session about Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi on the holidays. Sign up here and flyer for students here

School Workshops @ 100SB Term 3 & 4

Don't forget to book early for your school excursions! As always, schools with ICSEA values below 1000 qualify for fully funded places and bus subsidies to attend workshops here in our very tall (or very deep?) Building. 

What is 'The Button' by Htet Htet and why should you press it? Go on, we dare you!

If choose-your-own-adventure games are a little too risky for you, then check out our new Stories for Sharing page on the website. All of these stories are created by children and young people here in our workshops.