Parents & Friends Association – how about getting involved behind the scenes?

Are you keen to be part of the organising of events, or have some new ideas and energy? We’d love some new faces to our small band of parent volunteers who meet every 6 weeks or so to keep these events happening every year. If you’d like to know more, email us at and include ‘ATTN: Parents & Friends’ in the subject box.

You can find out what the Parents & Friends are planning by attending meetings at the school. Check out our fortnightly Errol Street News for updates.

There are lots of opportunities to be involved with your school:

  • Attending the weekly general assembly – 3.15pm Fridays, be there, meet others, hear what’s happening
  • Helping out regularly in the classroom – ask your teacher
  • Help out at excursions or sports events – lookout for request notices, or check with the teacher close to the event
  • Volunteer regularly in the garden or kitchen with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Scheme – look on the school website – there’s a tab on the homepage, and contact the SAKG teacher, you can volunteer throughout the year, or just step up when your child is in the garden or kitchen.

What special events are scheduled for this year?

The Parent’s and Friends Association along with help from staff and importantly other parents, organise some great gatherings during the year.

Check the Errol Street News for more details leading up to the date.

Some of our recurring events are:

  • Open Classrooms
  • Arts Festival (biennial)
  • NMPS School Fete (biennial)
  • Book Week raffle
  • NMPS Family Breakfast
  • Harmony Day Picnic
  • Prep Transition Morning Tea

Why contribute your time and expertise?

We need our parents to be involved in our school community to support the extraordinary learning opportunities and enhance the school experience for our kids as department funding is limited. Every school needs to fundraise, play and celebrate, and gather to build up connections and open our school to their wider community – we can’t do this without you, our parents and friends. As the school expands rapidly, it’s essential that more of us get involved and contribute. These events are great learning opportunities, friendly and fun, and will become treasured memories for your family.

If you cannot volunteer due to other commitments and pressures, or feel burdened when asked from time to time to donate time or goods, please consider donating financially to help maintain our extra-curricular activities, beautiful grounds, and special programs like SAKGP. Simply fill out the envelope at the office. All specific donations to our building fund are tax deductible.

2023 NMPS Around the World Fete