Teaching Team

Melissa Drew (P-2) and Tess Vu (3-6)

From left- Tess (3-6) and Mel (P-2)

Curriculum Overview

Learning in Visual Art involves students making and responding to a variety of artworks. This is achieved through harnessing curiosity, creativity and imagination, combined with a respectful exploration and understanding of other people, cultures and art forms.

Students will engage with, and develop knowledge of visual art through exploring a wide range of creative processes. Developing and building on skills, techniques and understandings of key visual art principles and elements will provide a key focus. The art elements of line, shape, colour, space and texture will form the basis of our creating and making in the art room.

Throughout the semester all students will work through a wide range of activities with the opportunity to use a variety of materials. These will include working with acrylic and watercolour paints, oil and chalk pastels, marker, fine-liner, pencil, ink, paper (coloured, tissue, embossed & printed), textiles, craft materials (beads, buttons, feathers, sequins, leaves, etc) wire, embossing foil, printing foam and modelling clay.

Each student will be encouraged to see the relationship between effort and achievement as they complete their artworks which will be stored in an individual art folio that is sent home at the end of the school year. 

Student artworks will be regularly published in the school newsletter throughout the year, providing a sample of the art created at NMPS.

Term 2 Curriculum Overview

 Junior School (P-2):

During Term Two, all students will continue to draw on their experiences, ideas and imagination to create a range of artworks. Students will work through a range of Art activities including the following:

  • Prep: Exploring chalk and oil pastels, learning about and applying colour theory and colour blending.
  • Year One: Sewing, exploring modelling and painting.
  • Year Two: Printing, drawing with a wide range of materials such as pencil, charcoal and pastels.

Senior School (3-6):

In Term Two, students will be exploring and responding to a variety of artists. They create artworks in different styles and experiment with a range of materials. Some of the art concepts and activities include the following:

  • Grade 3 and 4: Looking at colour and repetition in artworks, using artworks to launch own ideas and
  • Grade 5 and 6: Discussing messages and feeling when creating or interpreting artworks, illustrating and exploring form in 3D artworks.