2021 Overview

Throughout the year students will collaborate, communicate and work independently and within a team.  They will learn from, provide feedback and contribute to the learning of others.  Students will continue to be encouraged to ask questions, offer opinions, make connections and identify patterns in artworks. 

Learning in visual art involves students making and responding to artworks.  This will be done through using their creativity, imagination, and critical thinking skills combined with an honest, resilient, hard-working, and respectful understanding of other people and cultures. Students engage with and develop knowledge of visual arts, skills, techniques, and processes and use materials as they explore a range of forms, styles, and contexts.  Students will be encouraged to see the relationship between effort and achievement as they finalise their artworks.

Students will work through a wide range of activities based on the artworks of a variety of artists.  Activities include working with paint, marker, ink, paper, tin, felt, pencil, wire, fabric, papier mache, printing, and plaster.

Techniques explored include papier mache, collage, drawing, sewing, painting, embossing, cutting and assembling papers, colouring, printing, and construction.

Design elements explored include colour, line, shape, form, space, movement, proportion, texture and pattern.

The NMPS Art Program:

This year’s Art program is influenced by a variety of artists.

The vibrant, fun, and whimsical influence of these artists will be showcased in the student’s art. Below are the artists we’ve selected to focus on this year.

Robin Mead [1969] is an American artist. She creates vibrant coloured artworks of the ocean, landscapes, flowers and birds. She uses a combination of digital, acrylic and watercolor mediums.

Ken Done [1940] is an Australian artist known best for his design work. His primary interest is in being a painter however his simple brightly coloured images of Australian landmarks have adorned clothing and homewares sold under the DONE DESIGN brand.

Frida Kahlo [1907] was a Mexican painter known best for portraits, self-portraits and art influenced by nature and artifacts of Mexico. Her art style is often referred to as ‘folk art’.

Keith Haring [1958] was an American artist in the 1980s well known for his pop art and graffiti-like street art. His paintings and sculptures were abstract, simple, and vibrant. He was well known for creating large murals.

David Hockney [1937] is a British artist best known for his series of paintings of swimming pools, portraits, and landscapes. He was involved in the Pop Art movement of the 1960’s. Pop Art is a style of art that is bright and full of colour.

Teaching Team

Nerinda: Nerinda.Rocke@education.vic.gov.au

Melissa: Melissa.Drew@education.vic.gov.au