Overview Term 4


In Term 4 during remote learning, Preps will be singing familiar tunes and call and response (‘repeat after me’) songs to practise matching pitch with melody. Please stay tuned on Seesaw for online singing tasks during the return to school phase, as not all classes will have live Music sessions and singing will not be covered on-site due to covid-safety procedures. On-site, students will copy, play and create simple rhythms using crotchets, quavers, and rests through call and response, reading charts and basic composition. They will follow cues to play in time with others and experiment in leading small groups to play together. 

Years 1 – 4

Students in Grades 1 to 4 will continue to explore and experiment with rhythm and simple musical notation through games and activities online and in the classroom. They will match audio clips to written rhythm notation, and create and write (notate) their own simple rhythms to play. Students will develop their understanding of the simple elements of music by listening to well-known pieces of music and describing how instruments can be played to create different effects.

Staff and Contact

Eleanor Bennett: eleanor.bennett@education.vic.gov.au

Image: Year 6 student rock band perform at the Arts Festival