Image: Year 6 student rock band perform at the Arts Festival, 2005

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All students at NMPS will be learning Music in Semester 1 and Drama in Semester 2.

We are located in the Lower Cloud. 

Term 2 Compositions by Students

Grades 5 and 6

In Term 2, Grade 5 and 6 students collaborated on GarageBand projects with a focus on exploring non-traditional ways of creating and composing music. Instead of using the “pre-set” sounds and rhythms available in GarageBand, students were required to create their own samples from a variety of sound sources. Through this process, students explored core musical elements such as rhythm, pitch, tempo, structure and form as well as creating atmosphere, mood and feeling. 

Please enjoy this selection of amazing and diverse compositions!

Composition by 6D students: Amy, Lily, Amelia and Kadence