Year 4 2021 teaching team are:

4A Emma, 4B Hugh, 4C Tess, 4D Yolanda and Esther, 4E Tom

Term 4 Overview

Year 4 students will be continuing to use the Writer’s Workshop and exploring a variety of genres in their writing through analysis of word choice, organization and sentence fluency. Writing is inclusive of key information and supporting details across a range of text types, demonstrating increasing control over structure and language features. Students are developing the use of purposeful and deliberate vocabulary selection to enrich the meaning of their written pieces. Students will use their Writer’s Notebooks to unpack ‘seeds’ or ideas that they can use in their writing throughout the year. Students are now familiar with the expectations of the Writer’s Workshop and are moving toward independence in the writing process. Students will publish at least three pieces of writing this term, which will be displayed in our ‘Writer’s Gift’ to share and enjoy.

During our conventions sessions, we will work on spelling rules, grammar, and punctuation, encouraging students to apply these to their writing. We will also revise knowledge of letter-sound relationships, recognize high-frequency words and letter blends. Throughout the term, we will investigate the three tiers of vocabulary and revise the meaning of nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs and the role they play in parts of speech.

This term, Year 4 will read an array of texts for a specific purpose, applying text processing strategies to expand their contextual & grammatical knowledge. Additionally, students will explore the various techniques authors use to make stories exciting and hold the reader’s attention.

In Numeracy, students will consolidate their knowledge of multiplication and division, and extend their knowledge into problem-solving using worded problems. They will look at the relationship facts between multiplication and division, where division problems have no remainders. This term, the Year 4’s will be exploring multiplication and division in groups that are catered to their point of need. Students will measure and compare objects and shapes using a variety of instruments to explore perimeter, area, mass, and volume.

Other Learning Areas (OLA)

We currently run the Respectful Relationships Rights and Resilience (RR) wellbeing program at NMPS. Students will explore Mindfulness and Growth Mindset through meditation and circle time.

This term the Year 4’s will be exploring space science. We will be looking at understanding the earth’s rotation and exploring changes including day and night. Students will also investigate how the earth surface changes over time, as a result of both natural and human activity.

Home learning
Year 4 students are expected to read for 20 minutes per night to improve their reading ability, and in turn, their writing and vocabulary acquisition. There will be times when explicit home learning tasks are set and students will be expected to complete these activities. These tasks will generally be open-ended and project-based. Your child’s iPad will continue to have new school apps added to it throughout the term. Many of the numeracy and literacy apps will support the learning we do in the classroom.

To support your child’s learning at home, here are some things you can do:
Most importantly, encourage nightly reading & conversations about reading (which may include short periods of reading aloud).

Students will be using the DoodleMaths app to consolidate their maths knowledge. The app provides students with differentiated lessons that are targeted at the point of need for each individual student.

Students will be given a variety of creative writing tasks that will challenge them to incorporate new spelling words into their own writing and enhance their vocabulary.

As a reminder to all students, it is the responsibility of all students to bring a fully charged iPad to school each day for learning activities.

There are learning activities at school which require students to use their iPad. Students must use their iPads in accordance with the Technology Agreement that was signed in Term 1.