Term 4 Overview

Year Prep Teaching Team:


In Reading this term, Prep students will continue to participate in the Guided Reading program. We will draw on the strategies of inferring, questioning and visualizing to help students develop deeper literal and inferential comprehension skills. There will also be a focus on developing students’ ability to self-monitor as they read, checking that what they have said makes sense, and using a range of strategies to confirm this too. Students will be supported to develop their ability to use decoding strategies when reading new or unfamiliar words and will practice reading with increased fluency. 

We will also be introducing new strategies for tapping into prior knowledge before reading nonfiction texts. The use of a KWL chart activates students’ prior knowledge by asking the question, “What do I already know?” prior to reading a text, it also prompts them to consider “What do I want to know?” and once the text has been read, “What have I learned?”. This will also help students with their retelling skills as well, honing in on just a few main ideas from a text.

Magic Words will be assessed throughout the term and we encourage students to practise these out of order to ensure understanding. There are numerous resources to support learning Magic Words on the NMPS Prep Learning website.


This term, Prep students will be encouraged to write more than one idea in their writing pieces, whether that be fiction or nonfiction text types. We will review features of each text type, and remind students to consider the purpose of their writing by continuing the routines of the Writer’s Workshop. Teachers and students will continue to unpack a seed as a class and hold discussions through questioning to assist students with developing an idea for their writing.

Students will strengthen their growing ability to write independently, whilst also having a conference with the teacher once a week focusing on the student’s writing goals, and all students will be encouraged to write  multiple sentences.

In addition to Writing sessions, all students will have two Word Study lessons a week. This term, these sessions will focus on accurate spelling of high frequency words; using their phonics knowledge, awareness of digraphs and word lists. There will also be a focus on handwriting.


This Term in Mathematics, we are introducing the concept of sharing. Lessons will focus on practical situations that model the use of these strategies, including the use of concrete materials, worded problems and open ended tasks. Students will also enjoy playing shop in a unit about money. They will develop their awareness of exchanging money for goods and explore the concept of receiving change.

Our measurement unit will focus on ‘heavier’, ‘lighter’ and capacity; ‘which containers hold more or less?’. We will have a range of hands-on experiences for the students to engage in. They will be encouraged to explain their thoughts and provide reasons for their conclusions.


Our OLA focus for Term 4 is Biological Science where students will investigate living things. They will learn about the different external features they have and will explore how those living things are adapted to their environment. Students will also learn about the life cycles of animals. As the term progresses, students will be able to name the different parts of animals and plants and explain the use that they have, for example, plants have a stem to keep them upright.


In Wellbeing, the Preps will continue to follow the Respectful Relationships program. This program is a statewide initiative that aims to develop students’ social, emotional, and relationship skills by embedding a culture of respect and promoting emotional resilience from the early years upwards. More information about the program can be found here.

Across the school, there will be a focus on reviewing and strengthening our school values. We will discuss ways to RISE; be Responsible, Inclusive, Sagacious, Ethical, and represent ways to be so through various activities. 

Things to bring to school:

  • Name Labelled SunSmart Hat.
  • Name Labelled water bottle.
  • Sunscreen (to be kept in your child’s bag, your child will be expected to apply this independently).
  • Name Labelled lunchbox.
  • Any Library books or take-home readers.

Please label your child’s items, so that they can be found in Lost Property. 

Feeling unwell?

If your child is feeling unwell, regardless of a Covid Negative result, please stay home and record an absent day on Compass. 

If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher on Seesaw or Compass.