Term 3 Overview


In Reading this term, Prep students will continue to participate in the Guided Reading program. We will introduce the strategies of inferring, questioning, and visualising to help students develop deeper literal and inferential comprehension skills. Building upon our knowledge of fiction and nonfiction texts, students will learn about the author’s purpose and engage with a range of persuasive, informative, and entertaining texts.
Magic Words will be assessed throughout the term and we encourage students to practise these out of order to ensure understanding. There are numerous resources to support learning Magic Words on the NMPS Prep Learning website.
Take-home readers will be sent home daily and we encourage you to enjoy this time with your child. These texts should be at your child’s independent reading level to ensure they grow in confidence and develop a love of reading. In reading sessions, students will be supported by their classroom teacher to read instructional texts. These texts will be more challenging and will allow your child to practise applying their decoding and comprehension skills.


Prep students will continue to engage in the routines of the Writer’s Workshop, by unpacking a writing prompt or ‘seed’ and using this to inspire their writing. When unpacking a seed, the teacher will continue to guide the discussion through questioning, providing opportunities for students to share their thinking. Students will strengthen their growing ability to write independently, whilst also having a conference with the teacher once a week. Whole-class introductions will be short and tightly focused. This term, students will learn, through modelled tasks, how to use capital letters and full stops correctly, and will be encouraged to write more than one sentence about an idea. Students will be focusing on using topic-specific words in their writing, to add detail and technical vocabulary in order to communicate with their readers effectively.
We will be using our Geography unit to inspire writing about different parts of the world. In addition to Writing sessions, all students will have two Word Study lessons a week. This term, these sessions will focus on rhyming, alliteration, and syllables.


This Term in Mathematics, we are diving into addition and subtraction strategies. Lessons will focus on practical situations that model the use of these strategies, including the use of concrete materials, worded problems, and open ended tasks. We will look at a range of number bonds (splitting numbers into smaller parts) that will allow students to manipulate numbers with ease and flexibility.
We are continuing to practice matching the names of numbers to the correct quantities. We will aim to expand our understanding to numbers above ten and up to twenty with more fluency.
Beginning to use the language of time is also a feature of our mathematical understanding this term. We will use examples of familiar events to compare and order duration looking at similarities and differences.All learning will be modelled by the teacher and then students will be given time to independently explore the topic. During independent learning times, concrete materials such as counters and blocks will be available to support learning. At the end of the Numeracy lesson, students will return to the carpet to share and reflect on their learning.


Our OLA focus for this term is Geography. Students will be learning to identify places that are special to them and explain why these places are important. Students will also explore ways in which they take care of and look after their special places. Students will have the opportunity to focus on a country or place around the world and find out important facts about these places such as cultural celebrations, food, native animals as well as learning about historical and important landmarks. Special places within our community will also be a feature of our Geography unit and students will learn how these places benefit our communities in different ways.


In Wellbeing, the Preps will continue to follow the Respectful Relationships program. This program is a statewide initiative that aims to develop students’ social, emotional, and relationship skills by embedding a culture of respect and promoting emotional resilience from the early years upwards. More information about the program can be found here.
Across the school, there will be a focus on reviewing and strengthening our school values. We will discuss ways to RISE; be Responsible, Inclusive, Sagacious, Ethical, and represent ways to be so through various activities.