At North Melbourne Primary School, we are enthusiastically committed to improving the outcomes for every student at our school. We provide teaching approaches that are designed to meet the needs of all students, not just in words but through our actions.

How we teach must reflect how our students learn

It must also reflect the world our students will move into. This is a world that is rapidly changing, connected, adapting, and evolving. Our style and approach to teaching must emphasise learning in the 21st century. The needs of our students drive our decisions around teaching and learning. At North Melbourne Primary School, we offer students opportunities to learn through digital platforms, collaborative inquiry, and hands-on experiences and investigations. Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program provides opportunities to connect with the outdoors and to learn practical life skills beyond the typical classroom environment. Everything we do at North Melbourne Primary School emphasises an opportunity to learn.

At North Melbourne Primary School, our actions are shaped by our school values

Sarah Nightingale

We are proud of our students and their journey towards becoming responsive, inclusive, sagacious and ethical individuals. Our students take responsibility for their learning and make connections across domains. Our teachers challenge our students at their point of need, based on rigorous data analysis and collaborative PLC cycles. The students at North Melbourne Primary School are sagacious learners who ask questions to make their own discoveries. Inclusivity is fostered by every student, in every classroom, every day. Diversity is celebrated and all families are a valued part of the North Melbourne Primary School Community.

Everyone at North Melbourne Primary School is part of an ongoing learning journey; students, teachers, and leaders. We value learning as an ongoing process as we strive to make every day better than the last. Our staff participates in weekly collaborative professional learning framed by our school goals and priorities. Teachers and leaders follow rigorous planning cycles, analysing data to evaluate and diagnose student needs and to plan responsively to facilitate learning growth for all students. Student interests, needs, and questions inform teachers of the appropriate teaching and learning experiences that are required for particular cohorts of students and are central in the planning process.

At North Melbourne Primary School, we offer guaranteed extraordinary learning opportunities for all of our students by providing a rich-curriculum and evidence-based practices of teaching. Supporting students to develop the skills to make positive contributions to their local, national, and global communities, will benefit our community now and in the years to come.

Sarah Nightingale